The Maytones – The Best Of The Maytones

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The Maytones - The Best Of The Maytones

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Burning Sounds Records
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November 25, 2022
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Side A

1 Judgement A Come
2 Boat To Zion
3 Do Good
4 Music Is A Part Of Life
5 Zion Land
6 Ital Queen
7 Hard Times

Side B

1 God Bless The Day
2 Who Feel It
3 Don’t Show Off
4 When Will Peace Be
5 Madness
6 Contiquros
7 Only Your Picture


Any reggae fan who has seen the ultimate reggae movie ‘Rockers’ will surely remember the scenes in which Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace is trying to sell records to vendors. It’s this part of the movie that features a big tune called Money Worries, which then became a mega hit for The (Mighty) Maytones who performed that song. The Maytones, comprised of Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant, were a rarity among Jamaican vocal groups as they were a duo instead of the usual trio. Actually, the original vocal line-up of sometime around 1964 formed group was a trio that included Alvin Ranglin. However, the latter left The Maytones early on to handle their management functions and to concentrate on the G.G.’s label which he had started with his sister Gloria.

Rural Roots

The Maytones were one of the most popular groups in Jamaica during the first half of the ’70s, scoring number one hits with Africa We Want To Go, Madness, and Money Worries amongst others. The rural roots of lead vocalist Vernon Buckley and backing singer Gladstone “Son” Grant are evident in their singing style and are beautifully showcased on many classic tunes. They scored locally with Loving Reggae, Funny Man, Serious Love, and Searching For You. Their next hit Madness finally broke the group in Europe and opened up the band to a larger audience. The tune was recorded at Joe Gibbs with the stable of musicians (Style Scott, Flabba Holt, Bingy Bunny, Dwight Pinkney) that would appear on countless G.G. releases. Holy Ground, Judgement A Come, and Sha La La were some of the hits that followed. They also released a good number of albums such as their debut LP Madness (1976), Boat To Zion (1978), and One Way (1979).

Alvin Ranglin

In 1976, Vernon Buckley emigrated to Canada and thus his departure from Jamaica meant the break-up of The Maytones. In search of better living conditions, Gladstone Grant later also relocated to Canada where he reunited with his former singing partner. But unlike the prominent role they had played in Jamaica, they didn’t feature prominently in Canada. Meanwhile, Alvin Ranglin released several LPs by The Maytones, among them Greatest Hits (1977), Boat To Zion (1979), and, in 1983, a compilation set titled The Best Of The Maytones. All three were released in the UK on the Burning Sounds label.

The Best Of

After LP re-releases of Madness in 2018 and Boat To Zion in 2019, Burning Sounds have now reissued The Best Of The Maytones on black vinyl. Besides containing the original tracks, each side has been extended with a bonus track – the Vernon Buckley produced Hard Times and Only Your Picture respectively. The other tracks of this compilation are culled from The Maytones’ first two albums; seven from Madness and five from Boat To Zion. This collection includes Madness their one best-selling 7″ single in the UK plus many others of interest but misses Loving Reggae, one of their first successes. Track after track, the listener is treated to delightful vocals. And also lyrically there’s much to fulljoy thanks to Vernon Buckley’s great songwriting. This selection is packed with quality material and includes a whole heap of songs that can be heard over and over again, even about forty years after their original release. Favourites include Judgement A Come, Boat To Zion, Music Is A Part Of Life, When Will Peace Be, and Madness.

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Judgement Day

Who Feels It



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