Various – Duke’s Cookies: Duke Reid’s Mento, Shuffle Blues & Ska 1960-1962

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Various - Duke Reid's Mento, Shuffle Blues & Ska 1960-62

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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November 18, 2022
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1 Penny Reel – Lord Power
2 I’m Going Home – Chuck & Dobby
3 Lollipop Girl – The Jiving Juniors
4 Duke’s Cookies – Rico Rodriguez
5 Tell Me (Pretty Baby) – Chuck & Dobby
6 My Heart’s Desire – The Jiving Juniors
7 Green Door – Roland Alphonso
8 Marjorie – Alvin & Cecil
9 Running Around – Chuck & Dobby
10 I Wanna Love – The Jiving Juniors
11 Blackberry Brandy – Roland Alphonso
12 Oh Fanny – Chuck & Dobby
13 I Love You – The Jiving Juniors
14 In And Out The Window – Monty & Roy
15 Tra La La Boogie – Drumbago & His Orchestra
16 Dearest Darling – The Jiving Juniors
17 Feel So Fine (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
18 Low Down Dirty Girl – Laurel Aitken
19 Mean To Me – Roland Alphonso
20 Let The Good Times Roll – Derrick & Patsy
21 Sweetie Pie – Monty & Roy
22 Let George Do It – Rico Rodriguez
23 Judgement Day – Laurel Aitken
24 You Done Me Wrong (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
25 Duck Soup – Drumbago’s All Stars
26 Baby Please Don’t Leave Me – Derrick & Patsy
27 Magic – Duke Reid & His Group
28 Chambonia – Lord Power

1 Pink Lane Shuffle – Duke Reid & His Group
2 More Whisky aka More Whiskey – Laurel Aitken
3 Cool School – Chuck & Dobby
4 What Makes Honey – Duke Reid & His Group
5 Yea Yea Baby – Laurel Aitken
6 Lover Boy – Derrick Morgan
7 Parapinto Boogie – Lloyd Clarke
8 Till The End Of Time – Chuck & Dobby
9 The Joker – Duke Reid & His Group
10 Mary Had A Little Lamb – Eric Morris
11 Bells Of Love – The Moonlighters
12 Plan A Future (take 1) – The Charmers
13 Love Not To Brag – Derrick & Patsy
14 Old King Cole – Eric Morris
15 Anytime (take 1) – The Moonighters
16 Are You Going To Marry Me – Derrick & Patsy
17 Midnight Train (take 4) – Hortense Ellis
18 Bye Bye Baby – The Prodigals
19 Oh Shirley – Derrick & Patsy
20 Ben Johnson Day (take 2) – Basil Gabbidon
21 Prodigal Son – The Prodigals
22 Troubles – Derrick & Patsy
23 Going Down To Canaan (take 1) – Cosmo & Dennis
24 Chicken Boogie – Duke Reid & His Group
25 I Had A Dream – Derrick & Patsy
26 Beautiful Angel – The Prodigals
27 Easter Parade – Roland Alphonso
28 Oh My Love – Derrick & Patsy

1 Oh Joycie – Derrick & Patsy
2 Let’s Go To The Party – Stranger & Patsy
3 Choo Choo (take 2) – Prodigals
4 Come Back My Love – Derrick & Patsy
5 Tonight And Ever More – Cosmo & Dennis
6 Neck Tie (take 1) – Roland Alphonso
7 Joy Bells – Derrick Morgan
8 Bless You (take 1) – Cosmo & Dennis
9 Crying For My Baby (take 1) – Unknown vocalist
10 Marianne (take 2) – Derrick & Patsy
11 I Don’t Want You (take 1) – Frank Cosmo
12 Power (take 1) – Stranger & Ken
13 Crying In The Chapel (take 1 or 2?) – Derrick & Patsy
14 Bed Of Roses – Cosmo&Dennis
15 Barnyard Boogie – Roland Alphonso
16 Trying To Make You Mine – Derrick & Patsy
17 This Is Love aka This Is True (take 1) – Stranger & Patsy
18 Hold Me Tenderly – Hortense Ellis
19 You Done Me Wrong aka Why Did You Do It (take 1) – Derrick & Patsy
20 At The Party (take 2) – Frank Cosmo
21 The Mood I Am In – The Duke Reid Band
22 My Lovin’ Baby – Derrick & Monty
23 It Takes Time – The Slanes
24 Woodchopper’s Ball (take 1) – Roland Alphonso
25 Little Brown Girl – Derrick & Patsy
26 I’ve Been A Fool – Hortense Ellis
27 Magic – The Duke Reid Band
28 Mow Sen Wa – Derrick & Lloyd

This comes as the first comprehensive anthology of the early productions of the Jamaican legend Duke Reid. It features a large number of Duke Reid’s most popular Jamaican recordings of the early 1960s. Many of the early productions on the collection were so popular that they ended up being released as 7″ singles on Duke Reid’s record label in Jamaica and Melodisc’s famed Blue Beat subsidiary in the UK. This collection comes with a number of alternate takes that have been in vaults since the 1960s, let’s look at a selection.


1: PENNY REEL – Lord Power. Starting off this disc we have a Mento sound from an artist most listeners will be unfamiliar with. As Mento does it moves along swiftly and the vocal is heard over a chanting chorus and comes with some fine trombone playing. Original UK release Kalypso. 4: DUKE’S COOKIES – Duke Reid & his group. Lending itself to the title of this collection it is a Jamaican R&B sound that has a boogie beat. It has the usual pounding beat behind some fine trombone playing. Original UK release Blue Beat. 7: GREEN DOOR – Roland Alphonso (with Duke Reid & his group). You may have guest it, this is an instrumental version of the much recorded song recorded by to name two, Frankie Vaughan and Shakin’ Stevens. The trombone playing is top-notch as one would expect from Roland and the listener ends up listening to a mid-tempo Mento sound. Original UK release Blue Beat. 10: I WANNA LOVE – The Jiving Juniors (with Duke Reid & his group). This features Claud Sang and is another Mento sound and we know nothing about the featured artist. Combined vocals and fine saxophone playing adds up to a good overall sound. Original UK release Trojan. 13: I LOVE YOU – The Jiving Juniors (with Duke Reid & his group). A fast-moving number with again The Jiving Juniors on combined vocals. Co-written by Derrick Harriott, this is a toe-tapping, catchy sound. Original UK release Blue Beat. 15: TRA LA LA BOOGIE – Drumbago & his orchestra. As one would expect this is a boogie number from a Jamaican legend. This instrumental comes with a pounding rhythm track and fine percussion work. Original UK release Blue Beat. 18: LOW DOWN GIRL – Laurel Aitken (with Duke Reid and his group). Self-penned by this well-known artist it comes as an R&B sound with Laurel giving his usual polished vocal. Again we hear various percussion instruments and overall a catchy number. Original UK release Duke. 20: LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL – Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd (as Derrick & Patsy) (with Drumbago & his orchestra). The song needs no introduction, but this version may. Derrick and Patsy combine with fine vocals and the rhythm track moves along swiftly with minimal percussion. 22: LET GEORGIE DO IT – Rico Rodriguez (as Don Drummond) (with Duke Reid & his group). Not sure, from the artists mentioned who is actually playing the trombone. Nevertheless we listen to a punchy instrumental that is catchy and a toe-tapper. Composed by Duke Reid. No original UK release. 25: DUCK SOUP – Drumbago All Stars. This is a laid-back Mento instrumental with cool trombone on a fast rhythm track. As with many Jamaican instrumentals it gets the listener wanting to get up and dance. Original UK release Blue Beat. 28 CHAMBODIA – Lord Power & Calypso Quintet. Back where we started with Lord Power on a Mento/Calypso sound. Power sounds young on this fast-moving number that comes with an unknown composer. Catchy final track. Original UK release Kalypso.


1: PINK LANE SHUFFLE -Duke Reid & his group. This is a real shuffle sound and the instrumental comes with high class trombone playing. The overall sound is mid-tempo and a real foot-tapper. Original UK release Duke. 3: COOL SCHOOL – Chuck & Dobby (as Cuck Josephs and Dobby Dobson) (with Duke Reid & his group). Tinkering piano intro before we are listening to a Blue Beat sound. Have not heard of Chuck Josephs unlike Dobby Dobson. Original UK release Blue Beat. 6: LOVER BOY – Derrick Morgan (with Duke Reid & his group). The legend that is Derrick Morgan on another bouncy number. The vocal is in Mr Morgan’s usual style and with fine percussion we have a good listen. Original UK release Blue Beat. 9: THE JOKER – Duke Reid & his group. This comes as a Jamaican R&B style sound. Another fine collection of artists on an instrumental with fine trumpet solo mid-way. Original UK release Blue Beat. 12 PLAN A FUTURE aka Money We Haven’t Got (Take 1) – The Charmers (with Duke Reid & his group). Bouncy slice of Mento on which the vocal is taken by the whole group. Co-written by Lloyd Tyrell who may be one of the vocalists. No UK release. 15: ANYTIME (Money Is A Thing) (Take 1) – The Moonlighters (with Duke Reid & his group). This comes with an unknown composer and is a boogie-woogie sound. Not sure who the group are but they do a fine job and good clear vocals. No original UK release. 18: BYE BYE BABY The Prodigals (with Duke Reid & his group). Not the Four Seasons song but a bouncy number with combined group vocals. Again the vocalists may be new to many listeners. Original UK release D Records. 21: PRODIGAL SON – The Prodigals (with Duke Reid & his group). Another track from this outfit and again it comes with combined vocals. Classy percussion on another pleasing listen. Original UK release D Records. 23: COMING DOWN TO CAAAN (Take1) – Frank Cosmo & Denzil Dennis (as Cosmo & Dennis) (with Duke Reid & His Group). This is close to being a Calypso number. The two vocalists combine well and again some fine percussion work. Original UK release Blue Beat. 26: I HAD A DREAM – Derrick & Patsy (with Duke Reid & his group). A slow soulful number given a classic combined vocal. This is written by Mr Morgan and is a style change from previous tracks. Original UK release D Records. 27: EASTER PARADE – Roland Alphonso (with Duke Reid & his group). Most listeners will realise they have heard the tune before, recorded by many different artists. It lends itself well to Roland Alphonso version and the song was written by Irvin Berlin. No original UK release. 28: OH MY LOVE – Derrick & Patsy (with Duke Reid & his group). Featuring Derrick Morgan and Patsy Todd this comes as more of a Blue Beat come Ska number, along with fine percussion mid-way. As a duo they always come up with a top-notch duet. Good way to end this disc. Original UK release Blue Beat.


1: OH JOYCIE – Derrick Morgan (with Duke Reid & his group). This is more of a Blue Beat come Ska number and comes with fine percussion mid-way through. Derrick gives his usual full-on vocal. This is a pleasing way to start this disc. Original UK release D Records. 4: COME BACK MY LOVE – Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd (with Duke Reid & his group). This is a slower Mento sound written by the vocalist and has Patsy standing out on the combined vocal. Again the percussion is first-class and overall it is a catchy track. Original UK release Blue Beat. 7: JOY BELLS – Derrick Morgan (with Duke Reid & his group). Another slower number with Derrick vocalising over a Blue Beat rhythm track. Again it is a catchy sound and a toe-tapper. 9: CRYING FOR YOU BABY (take 1) – Unknown Vocalist (with Duke Reid & his group). More Blue Beat, this time we have an unknown vocalist which is unusual. Even with this the case it comes with a fine vocal and catchy rhythm track. No previous UK release. 12: POWER (take 1) Stranger Cole & Ken Boothe (as Stranger & Ken) (with Duke Reid & his group). Stranger Cole and Ken Boothe combine on this Blue Beat number that has a mid-tempo rhythm. More fine percussion mid-way. Written by Stranger this track stands out as one of the best on this disc Not previously released. 15: BANYARD BOOGIE aka The Zoo Boogie – Roland Alphonso (with Duke Reid & his group). A heavy boogie beat on this instrumental and Roland excels with his trombone playing, as usual. One of the best instrumentals on the whole collection. Not previously released. 18: HOLD ME TENDERLEY – Hortense Ellis (with Duke Reid & his group). If you are a fan of this artist then this track will not disappoint It moves along swiftly and is another Blue Beat number, co-written by Hortense. Original UK release Blue Beat. 21: STROLLING IN – The Duke Reid Group. This may be familiar to Jamaican music fans, appearing on many various artist albums/CDs over the years. Mid-tempo in make-up with classic percussion, it adds up to a catchy recording Not originally released in UK.
24: WOODCHOPPER’S BALL (take 1) – Roland Alphonso & The Alley Cats. This fast-moving track is a classic Jamaican instrumental that makes one want to get up and dance. Again this stands out as one of the best instrumentals on the collection. Not previously released in UK. 26: I’VE BEEN A FOOL – Hortense Ellis (with Duke Reid & his group). A Blue Beat number penned by the vocalist, it moves along swiftly and has the unmistakable Ellis vocal. Another sound on which we have fine percussion and one has to say that Hortense was a much-underrated artist, especially in the UK. Original UK release Blue Beat. 28: MOW SEN WA – Derrick Morgan & Lloyd Clarke (as Derrick & Lloyd) (with Duke Reid & His Group). To finish off this disc and the whole collection we hear Mr Morgan dueting with a lesser known artist Lloyd Clarke. This was penned by Derrick and moves along swiftly. With a high standard of tracks on the collection this does not disappoint and is another Blue Beat number. Original UK release Blue Beat.

To sum up this 3xcd collection, one is amazed at the way Cherry Red Records manage to obtain tracks that when put together make outstanding collection, this being no exception. Not only has this got high quality tracks but it comes with the usual eight-page booklet packed full of unknown information and great pictures. The collection comes with a price tag of £20 99p and will make a great addition to any Jamaican music collection.

Roland Alphonso – Green Door

Derrick & Patsy – Oh Shirley

Derrick & Lloyd – Mow Sen Wa


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