Gyptian – The Difference

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Gyptian - The Difference

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Silver Birds Records
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May 13, 2020
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01. Come Over feat. Tommy Lee
02. Know Why
03. Secret
04. Stranger
05. That Ting
06. Try
07. When Am Gone
08. I Want To
09. Big Batty Gyal
10. Hold Me
11. Tight

Could we all have been wrong??!! Is the weeping and gnashing of teeth over the alleged decline of reggae music nothing more than an expected reaction to inevitable (and usually unwanted) change? I won’t go so far as to say that the genre we all love and cherish so much is as good as we all remember it. Heck. I’ll be the first to proudly admit that I reach for the Dennis Brown, Sanchez, and Spragga Benz, catalogs to satisfy my jones for a little “chuneage” moreso than the “Spice, Alkaline, and Skeng selections that are among reggae’s biggest hits in 2022.


Despite my and many others’ personal feelings towards the music, there’s no use sitting on the sideline, sour-faced and cursing at the wind. You can either act like reggae music ended once Lady Saw found God, cut off the radio, and never go to a nightclub again, or find somewhat of a happy medium and embrace the good that is still finding its way to the masses. Like it or not, reggae music is evolving, just as all other genres, and is being made and performed by artists who might not remember “when the dance was nice”. That, however, is not a problem for the man born Windel Edwards, better known as Gyptian. With a unique voice and style, remarkably, and flavorfully aided by his distinct auto-tuned delivery, the St. Andrew native has easily cemented himself as a favorite of both concertgoers, and club enthusiasts. I first heard Gyptian back in 2006 when his banger Beautiful Lady was blowing up both in the U.S and globally. His debut album had crazy hits on it, but this particular song caught my ear with amazing production and the distinct singing voice that has sustained him and elevated him to star status.

The Difference

On his most recent project The Difference Gyptian deliberately takes the listener where he wants them to go, whether it be uptempo dancehall centric cuts, midtempo traditional reggae bangers, or even riding the hot wave of afrobeat-styled cuts. Opening up in hype mode with the amazing Come Over, a hit dominating the scene for quite some time (originally he and Tommy Lee released this song roughly 5 years ago), this cut perfectly highlights his range and voice control over the hypnotic head nodder of a track. Know Why, the next cut continues the party over a smooth lo-fi, reggae banger, perfect for chilling at the lab or accompanying you on that long drive. Secret, another hit record previously released, makes him 3 for 3 to kick things off and had me remembering just why Gyptian is truly that work. Maybe not on the level of a Popcaan or a Movado from a popularity standpoint, but just as talented. I will honestly say that this is one of the most perfect “mood” reggae albums I’ve heard in quite some time. Cuts like Stranger, That Ting, and Try truly have something for everyone, particularly for fans of Gyptian who already are well-versed in what this man brings to the table. By the time I reached the 8th cut, I Want To a gorgeous afro beat scorcher that’ll have you practicing your Drogba moves, I was already sold that Gyptian was on a roll of creativity that so many current artists are accused of being devoid of.


His catalog has never lacked originality and has always been refreshingly absent of overt slackness and misogyny that bogs down so much reggae music these days. A rock-solid, but brief offering, (11 cuts total) Gyptian totally did his thing this go-round and showed proof positive that the art form is firmly in good hands. I’m glad that he reminded cantankerous old timers like myself that it’s okay to put down the Heptones, Mighty Diamonds, and Alton Ellis albums and pick up bangers like The Difference. Salute to this man for that!

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