Popcaan – Great He Is

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Popcaan - Great Is He

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OVO Sound
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January 27, 2023
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01. Defeat The Struggle
02. Freshness
03. Skeleton Cartier
04. Next To Me feat. Toni-Ann Singh
05. Teach Me
06. Aboboyaa feat. Burna Boy
07. 11th Commandment
08. We Caa Done feat. Drake
09. Cry Fi Yuh Body
10. Set It
11. New Benz
12. St. Thomas Native feat. Chronic Law
13. Wish No Bad
14. Appreciation
15. Past Life
16. Memories
17. Great Is He

Journey Thus Far

“I’m just feeling like the throne is for the taking—watch me take it” If ever there was a quote to summarize the journey thus far of the St. Thomas, Jamaica representer by the name of Popcaan, this one is as apropos as it gets. Not just because the lines in question come from the man that perhaps expedited his ascension to the top of dancehall music, the one and only Aubrey “Drake” Graham, but they reflect his current musical assault and overt attempt at bodying the game into submission. Popcaan, has been nothing short of brilliant since he exploded on the scene as part of Vybz Kartel’s crew Gaza Empire which also boasts Blak Rhyno and Jah Vinci as cohorts. Having a plethora of talent in the collective was no problem as the man born Andre Sutherland proved himself worthy of a solo career with the hit Only Man She Want. The 2012 released cut made its way onto that year’s VP records legendary compilation series Reggae Gold and his “team player” role was a done deal. Popcaan went on to release his debut album Where We Come From in 2014, but it was his association with Toronto Raptor pom-pom waving Drake that earned him fans well outside the cozy confines of dancehall reggae music.

Fourth Album

On Great He Is, Popcaan’s official fourth album release, the Unruly Boss finds himself squarely in his comfort zone as he will ALWAYS have the top producers, tracks, and access to nearly his choice of artists from which to collab with. Again, his alliance with Drake’s OVO brand has helped get him to this point, but Popcaan’s style, and ability to make a cut his own, certainly can’t be dismissed. Comfortable over a pure dancehall cut, a slow minimalist burner, or a track tailor-made for your favorite mumble rapper, he spreads the love in an attempt to touch each of his fans’ wants. Hip-hop styled tracks like, Wish No Bad, and Memories, had me nodding my head in appreciation of his effortless delivery over solid beats. Of course, he keeps his bread buttered with offerings strictly for the dance. Teach Me, Cry Fi Ya Body, and Set It (which masterfully interpolates Lady Saw’s Good Wuk) are all worthy of making your favorite selecta’s playlist. However, where Popcaan pulls ME in are the tracks he flexes a little creativity and seems to really enjoy doing so. Aboboyaa featuring Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, resplendent with a buttery sax accent inserted throughout, is amazing and worthy of multiple wheel up’s. Next To Me featuring 2019 Ms. World winner Toni-Ann Singh is definitely a vibe on its own, and what Popcaan album would be complete without a Drake feature? The two have a synergy that has worked since Mr. Hot Line Bling put his homie on the Controlla remix, and the collab on this album We Caa Done is proof positive of this. While not my favorite track on the album, there’s no mistaking that it’s a hit and will likely be in your ear all summer. (Enter horrible Drake patois joke here).

Make Fans Happy

Look, if you guys have any idea of what moves Yankee Nupe, you know that I’m a staunch traditionalist, yet try diligently to be objective when I get outside of my comfort zone. At the end of the day chune is truly chune, and there’s a place for all of it. (yes, even L’Entourloop) Popcaan is not a go-to for me, but the man flat-out drives the dancehall culture, is nice with hits, and hasn’t gotten to the heights he has by producing wackness. Lyrically he can be repetitive at times, and the constant auto-tune works my nerves after about 6 or 7 straight songs, but he does what an artist should do and that’s make his fans happy. There’s no Firm and Strong (my favorite Popcaan song, EVER) on this album but I can confidently say that Great He Is gleams like the ice he flaunts.

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