Ruff Trade – Mancunian Way

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Ruff Trade - Mancunian Way

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Ruff Trade Productions
Street date
November 2022

1. 9 2 5
2. Livin’ Inna Babylon
3. Already Here
4. Mancunian Way
5. Today Is Too Late
6. Mr Sunshine
7. Oh No
8. Wyatt’s Yard
9. 9 2 5 Dub (Al Breadwinner Remix)
10. Already Here Dub (Al Breadwinner Remix)
11. Livin’ Inna Babylon Dub (Al Breadwinner Remix)
12. Mancunian Way Dub (Al Breadwinner Remix)
Mancunian Way? It is a well-known motorway just to the south of Manchester City Centre in north-west England, as shown on the sleeve of this CD. Ruff Trade also use it to mean the way things are done in Manchester: “this music it come from Sweet Jamaica but we doing it a Mancunian way”. Manchester has had a reggae scene since the 60s, and as Ryan-I sings, he became aware of reggae “from a little youth born in Gorton” – a suburb of Manchester.

The sound is overwhelmingly roots-reggae. Listen to virtually any track at random – the trumpet and sax horn section and rock-solid rhythm section (Delroy “Stixman” Walker on drums and James Drummond on bass) back the excellent vocals – and intelligent, conscious lyrics – in fine style. Livin’ Inna Babylon has strong influences from Joseph Hill’s Culture, both in the vocals and music, and the affectionate recollection of Wyatt’s Yard similarly has echoes of Bob Marley. Incidentally, Manchester is also famous for its rain, which is certainly a lyrical theme on this album – most notably on Mr. Sunshine.

Manchester veteran Alan “Breadwinner” Redfern recorded this set, plays nyabingi drum and remixed the four fine dubs that conclude these twelve tracks. A multi-generational community resource, going out to the people and spreading reggae’s positive message, Ruff Trade and Mancunian Way are certainly worthy of your support.

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