Various – Reggae Flight 404 And Man From Carolina

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Various - Reggae Flight404 And Man From Carolina

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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February 17, 2023
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1 Funny Man – The Maytones
2 Stay In My Arms – Laxton & Oliver
3 Bonanza – The G.G. All Stars
4 Gawling Come Down – Lloyd & Robin
5 Billy Goat – The Maytones
6 Loving Reggay – The Maytones
7 Flight 404 – Winston Wright & The G.G. All Stars
8 SenPmental Reason – The Maytones
9 Musical Shot – The G.G. All Stars
10 Higher Than The Highest Mountain – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris
11 Funny Girl – Winston Wright & The G.G. All Stars
12 Bowie Wowie – The Maytones
13 Musical Beat – Roy Samuel
14 Cold Up aka Call You Up – The Maytones
15 Everybody Reggae – The G.G. All Stars
16 Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday – Trevor & The Maytones
17 Judas – Gladstone & The Followers
18 BotheraPon – The Maytones
19 Have You Time – Trevor & The Maytones
20 Champion – The G.G. All Stars
21 Mi Nah Tek You Lick – The Maytones
22 Another Fool – Vernon & Alvin
23 Reggae Me – The G.G. All Stars
24 World Come To An End – Gladstone & The Followers
25 Old Man Dead – Vernon & Alvin
26 Dig Away De Money – The Maytones
27 Wickeder – Laxton And Oliver
28 2,000 Tons Of T.N.T. – The G.G. Rhythm

1 Man From Carolina – The G.G. All Stars
2 Gold On Your Dress – The Slickers
3 Ganja Plane – The G.G. All Stars
4 Peanut Baby – The G.G. All Stars
5 Copper Girl – The Maytones
6 African Melody – The G.G. All Stars
7 Serious Love – The Maytones
8 Stand By – Keeling Beckford
9 Chariot Without Horse – The G.G. All Stars
10 Deep River – The G.G. All Stars
11 Willy My Darling – Paulece & Gee
12 Cecelia – Keeling Beckford
13 Want Love – The Maytones
14 Love Me Or Leave Me – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris
15 Barabus – The G.G. All Stars
16 Lover Girl – The Maytones
17 Musical Shot – Winston Wright & The G.G. All Stars
18 No More Teardrops – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris
19 This Kind Of Life – unknown
20 Mercy, Mr. D.J. – Keeling Beckford
21 Jumbo Jet – Charlie Ace & The G.G. All Stars
22 The Ark aka Come Along – Trevor Brown & Keith
23 News Room – The G.G. All Stars
24 Black And White Unite – The Maytones
25 False Reader aka Got To Move – The Minna Boys
26 Musical CombinaPon – Charlie Ace
27 Perilous Time – The Sunshine
28 Jumping Dick – The G.G. All Stars

A wave of new exciting young producers came along at the end of the ’60s and created a new Reggae sound. One of these was the much-overlooked Alvin ‘GG’ Ranglin and this 2CD collection features the first of a number of collections featuring Ranglin’s best-loved works. This collection features the two best-selling Trojan albums to come out of 1970, each of which featured a dozen of his finest productions from the period when the Reggae beat was at its most exciting and frenetic. The original album tracks are joined by the very best of Ranglin’s remaining output from the period, many of which have not been available on CD format previously. We will as usual be taking a look at a selection of the bonus tracks.


1: FUNNY MAN – The Maytones. This is a mid-tempo Reggae sound from 1970 and could be looked at as a killer sound. The Maytones were Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant, on this they combine to give a classic vocal and start the original album tracks in a top-notch way. 2: STAY IN MY ARMS – Laxton & Oliver. This duo consist of Laxton Ford & Oliver St David and on this fast Skinhead Reggae sound we hear them with a full-on vocal after a laid-back opening. This was written by Paxton and was released as a 7″ on the Blue Cat label in 1969. Nothing more than a straight rhythm track and only 2min 15secs in duration. 3: BONANZA – The G.G. All Stars. The unmistakable organ of Winston Wright gives the listener an instrumental version of the well-known TV theme. Nothing particularly exciting about this, just a foot-tapping slice of Skinhead Reggae. 4: GAWLING COME DOWN – Lloyd & Robin. Another duo on this fast-moving number written by Alvin Ranglin and it comes with a catchy rhythm track. The duo was Lloyd Robinson and Robin Shulz, nothing known about the artists although they did record other releases. 5: BILLY GOAT – The Maytones. Starting off with some goat sounds it moves into a fast catchy number with Vernon Buckley & Gladstone Grant who got together in the late 1960s supplying good vocals. Nothing special about this, just a pleasant Skinhead Reggae sound. 6: LOVING REGGAY – The Maytones. This comes as a full-on sound with a big rock intro and was the first Jamaican hit for The Maytones. The duo always come up with top-notch harmonies and this is no exception. When released as a 7″ single it was on the G.G record label in 1969. It was written by The Maytones. 7: FLIGHT 404 – Winston Wright & The G.G All Stars. Coming with a spoken intro it moves into a mid-tempo instrumental with Winston giving his usual classy organ sound. As a 7″ sigle it was on Trojan’s subsidiary Explosion and was the flip side to “Gawling Come Down”, previously reviewed, and lends itself to the title of the original vinyl album. 8: SENPMENTAL REASON – The Maytones. When released back in 1969, the title was “Sentimental Reason” and not as it is on this collection. Witten by The Maytones it is a fast-moving Boss Reggae sound with a dominant rhythm track over a spoken background vocal. This was issued in the UK on the Camel label via Pama Records. 9: MUSICAL SHOT – The G.G All Stars. Starts with a spoken intro before moving into a fast instrumental sound with a one word spoken vocal from time-to-time throughout. The organ cut comes from The Maytones “Lover Girl” and it was released in the UK via Trojan’s subsidiary label, Explosion. 10: HIGHER THAN THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris. This is a mid-tempo sound on which Monty is joined by a female vocalist. The rhythm track comes straight and is the usual Reggae sound. The song has been recorded by a large number of artists over the years and lends itself well to the Reggae genre. When released in the UK it was on Trojan’s Explosion label. 11: FUNNY GIRL – Winston Wright & The G.G All Stars. Starting off with a spoken intro it moves into a mid-tempo organ dominated instrumental as you would expect. The tune was composed by Alvin Ranglin and had “Funny Girl version 2” on the flip side. This was mastered at Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd in Kingston, Jamaica. 12: BOWIE WOWIE – The Maytones. Top vocals as always from this duo over a punchy mid-tempo rhythm track. Nothing special about this, just a pleasant Boss Reggae sound with a version by the G.G All Stars on the flip. Last track from original album.


13: MUSICAL BEAT – Roy Samuel. First bonus track is an instrumental from Roy Samuel who may not be familiar under this name, his full name being Roy Samuel Reid and actually is the deejay I-Roy. This mid-tempo number comes with a full-on sound and reminds one of the song “Oh Lonesome Me” from the ’60s. As one might expect he is joined by the G.G All Stars and we end up with a catchy, foot-tapping sound. 15: OLD MAN DEAD – Vernon Buckley & Alvin Ranglin. Coming with a chug-along rhythm track on which we have Vernon Buckley who was an early member of The Maytones. We have Alvin Ranglin on the backing, not sure of his participation. Pleasant enough but nothing special. 18: JUDAS – Gladstone & The Followers. On this we hear Gladstone Anderson who most will have heard of, The Followers maybe not. This is written by Anderson and has a mid-tempo rhythm, another pleasant but nothing special track. 20: HAVE YOU TIME – Trevor & The Maytones. This is a fast-moving slice of Boss Reggae with a punchy rhythm track. Good combined vocals, not sure who Trevor is and some fine organ work, possibly Winston Wright. Trevor is credited with this and it came out in the UK in 1969 on the Blue Cat label. 23: ANOTHER FOOL – Vernon Buckley & Alvin Ranglin as Verne & Alvin. This is a fast-moving number on which the two artists combine well. The rhythm track comes uncomplicated and we have a pleasant, toe-tapping track. 26: DIG AWAY DE MONEY – The Maytones. Another fast-moving track on which the duo give their usual top-notch vocals. The rhythm track comes uncomplicated and the song is again written by Alvin Ranglin. This was originally released in the ’60s and comes as a Boss Reggae sound. Released on the G.G label in the UK. 28: 2,000 TONS OF T.N.T – Val Bennett & The G.G Rhythm Section. Here we have the tenor saxophonist Val Bennet on a fast-moving instrumental sound. This comes with a spoken on-and-off vocal along with a punchy rhythm track. This track may be familiar to long-standing Jamaican music fans as it has appeared on various compilations over the years. This has to be a classic all-time Boss Reggae recording and finishes this disc on a fine-footing.


1: MAN FROM CAROLINA – The G.G All Stars. This starts with a crazy shouted vocal before moving into a very catchy mid-tempo number with organ, probably Winston Wright dominating. Most avid Jamaican music fans will no doubt be familiar with this track and a classic opener to disc 2. 2: GOLD ON YOUR DRESS – The Slickers. Again we have a mid-tempo sound on which the artists give a class vocal over a classic Reggae rhythm that is mostly combined, it comes with an unknown witter. For the record The Slickers originally consisted of the Crooks Brothers, later to be part of The Pioneers and Winston Bailey and had many various members over the years. 3: GANJA PLANE – The G.G All Stars. Not surprisingly it starts off with a jet plane sound before a spoken vocal takes over and leads the listener into an organ dominated sound, as most recordings from this outfit are. Nothing outstanding about the track, just a pleasant instrumental. 4: PEANUT BABY – The G.G All Stars. This is again a mid-tempo sound that is a version of the song, “Peanut Vendor”. This song lends itself well to the Reggae genre and has been recorded by many Jamaican artists over the years. 5: COOPER GIRL – The Maytones. This comes with combined vocals and is a faster sound, coming from 1969 with a classic Reggae rhythm track. Written by Alvin Ranglin it was recorded on the GG Records label as a 7″ and was the flip side to “Have Your Time” on which this outfit was joined by Trevor Lloyd. 6: AFRICAN MELODY – The G.G All Stars. Another track with a spoken intro that moves into a mid-tempo sound. More dominant organ and another classic Reggae rhythm. A spoken intro leads into a mid-tempo sound with Winston Wright giving his usual classic organ. Very catchy number that gets one moving along to the rhythm track and a recording that was released in the UK on both Escort label (Pama Records) and the Explosion label (Trojan Records) On the Pama release it came with “Man From Carolina” on the B side, not on the Trojan release. 7: SERIOUS LOVE – The Maytones. Classic Maytones sound at a fast-moving pace. As with most recordings from this duo it comes with combined vocals. The rhythm track has a punchy sound and we end up with a top-notch track. 8: STAND BY – Keeling Beckford. This comes from an artist who entered the Reggae scene in 1968 at the age of 13 and is a fast-moving instrumental on which we hear flute sound over a catchy rhythm track. 9: YOUNG FOLKS – Keeling Beckford. Written by Mr Beckford it has a longish intro before the vocal comes on board, a smooth one at that. The rhythm track is classic Reggae and it is a pleasant track.
10: DEEP RIVER – The G.G All Stars. Starting with heavy drumming it is the usual All Stars sound with Winston Wright on the organ which appears from time-to-time. Nothing special about this just a passable instrumental. 11: COME WITH ME – The Maytones. A fast-moving sound on which more classic vocals are heard. The rhythm track is classic Reggae and gets the feet tapping. If you are a fan of The Maytones you will not be disappointed. 12: CECILIA – Keeling Beckford. This is a cover of the well-known Paul Simon song and it lends itself well to the Reggae genre. This has been recorded by several Jamaican artists and this stands up well to any of the others. The vocal is smooth and is over a laid-back rhythm track until the drums return midway.


13: WANT LOVE – The Maytones. This is a fast-moving number from a long-running duo with a vast number of recordings over the years. On this the vocal is shared and good they are too. Not one of the longest tracks on the collection at 2mins 12secs but what we get is another classic Reggae sound from a classic duo. 16: LOVER GIRL – The Maytones. Once again we hear this duo on a fast number that has a pulsating rhythm track. The vocal is shared and the organ work is catchy, almost certain to be the much-mentioned Winston Wright. Written by Alvin Ranglin and released on the Camel label via Pama Records. This was the flip side to “Senpmental Reason” to be found on the album “Flight 404”. 17: NO MORE TEARDROPS – Eric ‘Monty’ Morris. This self-penned number which starts with a heavy percussion intro and has a mid-tempo rhythm. The vocal from Mr Morris is smooth and he is joined by a female chorus from time-to-time. Released in 1969 on the Camel label and the backing group are The Maples, who they are is not known. This comes as a Boss Reggae sound. 20: JUMBO JET – Charlie Ace & The G.G Allstars. Predominantly an instrumental with a talk-over vocal. The rhythm track is mid-tempo and one hears some heavy bass guitar at various times. Another track written by Alvin Ranglin. 21: THE ARK aka COME ALONG – Trevor Brown & Keith as Trevor & Keith. Not one of Jamaica’s more prolific duos but on this fast number they come up with a top-notch combined vocal. The rhythm track is straight and this is a Boss Reggae sound. 24: FALSE READER aka GOT TO MOVE – The Minna Boys. Nothing known about the artists but they sound like a Pama Records invention and it did come out on Pama’s Punch label in 1970. As with many recordings it was also released by Trojan Records. The combined vocal is good and the rhythm track comes mid-tempo and uncomplicated. 27: PERILOUS TIME – The Sunshine. Nothing known about the artists and here we have a fast-moving cool slice of Boss Reggae. The combined vocal is of high quality in front of an uncomplicated rhythm track. Good track to finish off this disc and the complete collection.

In summing up this 2CD collection containing 58 tracks, it shows off the quality production work of Alvin ‘GG’ Ranglin and if you are a fan of his work then this will be for you. The two original albums are expanded by various bonus tracks and are new to CD, it comes as a faultless collection and the two original albums became popular with Jamaican music fans during the late ’60s/early ’70s. With a price tag of £12 99p it will not break the bank even with times being as they are.

Maytones – Funny Man

Eric ‘Monty’ Morris – Love Me Or leave Me

G.G. All Stars – African Melody


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