Zamunda – Jah Love Surround Me

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Zamunda - Jah Love Surround Me

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Sweet Waters Spawn Music
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February 10, 2023
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01 Never Give Up
02 Save Some For Me
03 Reggae Party feat. Anthony B
04 Give It Up For Me
05 Warm And Easy
06 My Brother
07 2 Voice In My Head
08 Jah Over Evil
09 He Save Me feat. Louie Culture
10 My Birthday
11 Jah Love (Remix) feat. Popcaan & Dre Island
12 See You Again

Introducing Zamunda

Born Christopher Gayle in Seville Heights, St. Ann, Jamaica, Zamunda started as a deejay, before he began to focus on a career as a singer at the age of 19. The first time he showed potential as a recording artist came with the release of his 2010 debut 5-track EP Life which was released on the Fearless Sound System label. Since then, Zamunda has been winning over reggae fans worldwide with hits such as Jah Love Surround Me and Badda Than Dem (with I Octane).


In 2017, he released the 12-track album Scripts & Scrolls on his own record label, Sweet Waters Spawn Music. Five years later, it’s followed by a new 15-track set entitled Jah Love Surround Me. With the latter Zamunda delivers an album full of conscious reggae songs for almost all part and it’s a solid one. Although solo pieces affirm that he’s an artist who can do without guest appearances, several collaborations are included here. These feature well-known names such as Popcaan, Anthony B, Dre Island, and Louis Culture.

Highs & Lows

Zamunda’s Jah Love Surround Me album gets off to an excellent start with the very strong uplifting message tune, Never Give Up, which comes across a riddim that is quite nice to hear. The second track deals with affairs of the heart and is just pure joy to listen to. The two consecutive tunes which roll out just after the opening of the album decrease the good feel and vibe experienced while listening to the first two tracks. In particular, the collab with Anthony B called Reggae Party and the funky Give It Up For Me are disappointing efforts and can be placed in the ‘not so good’ category. So, let’s skip them and go fast forward to the next tune, Warm And Easy, which all in all makes a better impression. The second half of the album takes off in fine style with the solid My Brother, which is topnotch throughout for its vibes. Then there’s Jah Over Evil. This one, together with the classic vibes of He Save Me feat. Louie Culture, can be easily ranked among the best tunes on the album. Before the album comes to an end with See You Again, the listener is treated to yet another highlight on this album, the gorgeous Jah Love (Remix) with Zamunda singing “Jah love surrounds me/no pagan can go round me.”

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