The Maytones – Creation Time

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Maytones - Creation Time

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Jamaican Art Records
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March 27, 2023
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Side A

1 The Maytones-Creation Time
The Revolutionaries-Creation Dub
2 The Maytones-Rain From The Skies
Prince Far-I-Rain Fall In My Eye
3 The Maytones-Africa We Want To Go
Trinity-Natty Tired Fi Carry Load

Side B

4 The Maytones-Money Worries
G.G. All Stars-Money Troubles Dub
5 The Maytones-Come Along
Lone Ranger-Jamaican Collie

The Maytones

Those who have watched the classic reggae flick Rockers will without a doubt recall the scenes in which Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace is attempting to sell his records to merchants. It is during this section of the movie that Money Worries was played, later becoming an enormous success for The (Mighty) Maytones who sang it. The Maytones, consisting of Vernon Buckley and Gladstone Grant, were uncommon in the realm of Jamaican vocal groups due to their status as a duo rather than the customary trio. Initially, the trio formation of the group in approximately 1964 also involved Alvin Ranglin. However, Ranglin quickly departed from The Maytones to manage the group and focus on the G.G.’s record label, which he had established alongside his sister Gloria.

Hits Galore

Starting in the first half of the 1970s, The Maytones emerged as one of Jamaica’s most favored musical groups, securing top spots on the charts with songs like Africa We Want To Go, Madness, and Money Worries (aka Money Trouble), among others. The vocal stylings of lead artist Vernon Buckley and backup performer Gladstone “Son” Grant are traced back to their rural roots, which are skillfully spotlighted in their rendition of various timeless melodies. The band’s local success was highlighted by hits such as Loving Reggae, Funny Man, and Searching For You. They subsequently found even more success with the release of Madness in Europe, which allowed them to reach a wider audience. This song was recorded at Joe Gibbs with the regular musicians (Style Scott, Flabba Holt, Bingy Bunny, Dwight Pinkney) who also featured on many of G.G.’s future releases. Their other popular songs include Holy Ground, Judgement A Come, and Sha La La. In addition, they released several albums such as the debut set Madness (1976), Boat To Zion (1978), and One Way (1979).


Vernon Buckley left Jamaica in 1976 to immigrate to Canada, which caused The Maytones to disband. Gladstone “Son” Grant then moved to Canada in quest of better living circumstances, where he met again with his former singing partner. However, in Canada, they didn’t hold the same prominent position as they did in Jamaica. Additional Maytones albums, including Boat To Zion and The Best Of The Maytones, were released by producer Alvin Ranglin. Earlier this year, Burning Sounds reissued the latter. Go here to read the review. In addition to a successful solo career, Vernon continued to record regularly under the name The Maytones/The Maytone/Vernon Maytone. A reunion in Jamaica followed in 1990, followed by the release of the LP Madness 2 in 1994. Vernon Buckley remains an active artist and producer -with success- to this day. An interview with this legend can be found on our website, which you can read here.

Alvin ‘GG’ Ranglin

Alvin Ranglin can be seen as a major force in Jamaican music history. He became well-known in the second half of the 1960s thanks to his work on productions for The Maytones, Billy Dice, Dennis Alcapone, Cynthia Richards, and Winston Wright, to name but a few. Love Is Overdue by Gregory Isaacs gave him a massive hit in 1974 that was also a worldwide success. From that point on, the hits kept coming thick and fast, up until the second half of the 1980s with performers like Sugar Minott, Culture, George Faith, Lady Ann, and Barrington Levy. His only outlet after that was primarily the re-release of his earlier works.

Creation Time

After crucial reissues of Open The Gate Of Zion by The Ethiopian, Larry & Alvin’s Poor Man A Feel It and U Roy’s Dread In A Africa Jamaican Art Records surprises us again! It seems they slightly modified their reissue strategy for Creation Time by The Maytones. They decided to release an LP with five extended mixes rather than reissuing an already existing, classic album. A limited edition 12″ was released in 1977 featuring the songs Creation Time and Rain From The Skies, which were both recorded during the same session. Both are included here. Creation Time is complete with the dub, expertly played by The Revolutionaries. The Maytones deliver a perfectly spirited rendition of the well-known and frequently covered Rain From The Skies. Prince Far-I’s Rain Fall In My Eye deejay version is simply sublime. Africa We Want To Go, a song of repatriation, graciously closes Side A. The singers’ sensitive wailing performance is perfectly complemented by the appropriate arrangement. The song then transitions to an instrumental version before deejay Trinity toasts his militant lyrics over the riddim. The Maytones’ song and Trinity’s tune were both first released as 7″.

Worries & Trouble

Side B opens with, perhaps The Maytones’ best-known song, Money Worries. In 1977, the song was released as Money Trouble with a wicked deejay cut by the mighty I Roy, one of Jamaica’s most skilled deejays. We’re not sure why they decided against including the I Roy song on this track, but the G.G. All-Stars dub is a perfectly acceptable replacement. Come Along is the closing track of this LP. This “call for unity and peace” song follows the bassline of Roy Cousins’ tune Pick Up The Pieces. The result is simply top-notch, a proud anthem that shows The Maytones’ unique style and sincere manner. Following the expertly played instrumental rendition by The Revolutionaries, we are treated to Jamaican Collie by Lone Ranger, a bold and uninhibited tribute to Jamaican ganja, performed with complete assurance and felt top to bottom. This release is complemented by Dr. Buster Dynamite’s very extended liner notes.

The Maytones & Trinity – Africa We Want To Go/Natty Tired Fe Carry Load

The Maytones & Lone Ranger – Come Along/Jamaican Collie


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