Various – Promise Land Riddim

by Mar 21, 2023Mini-Review, Reviews

Promise Land Riddim New

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CNC Music/DubShot Records
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March 2023
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1. Dem No Shake Wi – Sizzla
2. Sissy Badness – Tarrus Riley
3. Ano Mi Enemy Mi Fear – Capleton
4. Only in My Head – Aisha Davis
5. Bless Me – Mr G & Ocg
6. Di Road Grimey – Louie Culture
7. Murdah Dem – Nitty Kutchie
8. Miss Nelly Grand Son – Phalkon
9. Man a Lion – Mackeehan & Ocg
10. Dem A Bawl – Norris Man
11. Promise Land Riddim (Version) – Chad Simpson
Quite recently we came across a distinctive compilation set featuring big names in the business such as Sizzla, Capleton, Norris Man and Tarrus Riley. This one-riddim set was produced by Chad Simpson. He is a seasoned artist and producer, think 2019’s Culture Box riddim, 2000’s Ant Nest riddim, and several hit singles with Chuck Fenda, Bounty Killer, Jah Cure to name just a few. As an artist, he will be better known as Goofy and nowadays as Mr. G.

This set uses one of reggae’s most beloved and overwhelming riddims as a backdrop. Dennis Brown’s 1983 roots anthem Promised Land (combined with Aswad) became the tune of 1983, along with that other Dennis Brown classic, Revolution. A good impression of the impact of Promised Land can be witnessed on the video of Splashin’ The Palace ’84. It must be said that Chad very closely follows the original riddim, which we think is a right and proper choice! What adds to the “authentic” feel of the reworked riddim are the dub fx which are subtly mixed in in several tunes.

This collection of tunes would do great as a vinyl release, now there is only a digital release at hand, we know nothing about a CD release. As previously mentioned, a number of big names are involved in this project. Old timers Sizzla, Louie Culture and Capleton show that they still count in the current music scene. Especially Sizzla’s effort surprised us in the positive sense. Unfortunately, we too often have to note that his output is inconsistent in quality, but this time he has a very solid tune to his name. Louie Culture lags slightly behind in comparison to Sizzla, while Capleton with Ano Mi Enemy Mi Fear again provides the appropriate fire & power!

Mr. G himself also contributes his bit with the praising tune Bless Me that comes straight from his heart. Unfortunately we have no info about the vocalist, OCG, who joins him and sounds somewhat like Jah Cure. Tarrus Riley delivers one top tune after another. Here he shines with Sissy Badness, one of the album’s baddest tunes! Aisha Davis, a native of Bermuda who currently resides in Jamaica, is the only female artist here, and she undoubtedly stands her ground with Only In My Head. Nitty Kutchie takes a different tack with his soundbwoy tune Murdah Dem. Perhaps thematically a bit obligatory, but certainly not a bad song. Norris Man lays down a powerful tune with Dem A Bawl.

Then there are two unknown names, at least to us, who skillfully display their talents. Mackeehan is our slight preference in this one with Man A Lion, featuring singer OCG, but Phalkon’s tune is also well worth repeated playback. Added as a “bonus” is the instrumental version of the riddim.


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