Dawitt – I Man I Am

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Dawitt - I Man I Am

Release Info

Manyatta Records
Street date
April 21, 2023
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Side A
1. I Man I Am
2. Jah Love
3. Dreader Than Dem
4. We Nah Go Fight
5. Pollution
6. Jah Calling

Side B
1. I Man I Am Dub
2. Jah Love Dub
3. Dreader Than Dem Dub
4. We Nah Go Fight Dub
5. Pollution Dub
6. Jah Calling Dub

Manyatta Records

Manyatta Records from Spain is a non-profit record label that releases music on vinyl with the sole purpose of promoting culture and human values by supporting artists and their message, allocating all the proceeds to continue releasing works. The label’s first release was the 2019 issued 8-track Showcase Live album by roots rock reggae band Rackers from Santander, Spain. It was followed by the 7″ single Laredo Reggae Dubplates and the next album by Rackers called Natural Acoustic.


In the spring of 2021, the label released the Too Much Pollution riddim on a 10″ vinyl platter. One of the tracks was Pollution Crimes by the Spanish roots reggae singer David ‘Dawitt’ Tarrio. About one and a half year later, Manyatta Records released a 7″ single with Dawitt’s song Jah Love which was produced by Roberto Sánchez and Dawitt himself. And now, Manyatta Records – in collaboration with Roberto Sánchez’s A-Lone Productions – has unleashed Dawitt’s debut LP titled I Man I Am. The vinyl platter comes in showcase format with six vocal cuts on the A-side and their respective dub counterparts on the other side.

Conscious Artist

Included on this LP are the already known previously released tunes Jah Love and Pollution Crimes – retitled Pollution – along with four brand new songs. As the titles of these two songs indicate, Dawitt is a conscious artist who sings about universal love, social and nature issues. All songs featured on the vocal side, fully display the singer’s distinctive and captivating vocal style. Besides that, the singer benefits from the beautiful rootical backdrops he has to his disposal, courtesy of the Lone Ark Riddim Force. Getting things started on this fine debut album is the gorgeous title track I Man I Am which evokes memories of Ijahman Levi’s works. Next up is Jah Love, a tune which is as strong as the opener. The powerful riddim that underpins the solid Dreader Than Dem must have been used before as it sounds very familiar to the ears. It’s a joy to listen to We Nah Go Fight multiple times as it is the second-best tune on this side. It’s followed by Pollution, a downright dazzling and musically one of the greatest tracks here. Closing out the vocal side for Dawitt’s I Man I Am album is done by Jah Calling, a decent effort that comes across a superb backdrop. Delicious pieces of dub are found on the other side, a real treat for dub heads.

I Mam I Am


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