Mykal Rose – Judge Not

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Mykal Rose - Judge Not

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Stingray Records
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June 23, 2023
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01. Let Him Go
02. Love Light
03. Babylon City
04. That’s Life
05. Judge Not
06. Breaking Up
07. Credit Card & Visa
08. Thank You
09. Break The Chain
10. Take A Stand
11. War
12. Never

12-Track Album

Back in 2001, when songs were still only released on 7″ vinyl, Stingray Records released a number of 7″ singles on the People’s Choice riddim created by Computer Paul. Besides Luciano’s Visions, Tony Curtis’ Have I Told You, Mikey Spice’s Understanding, among others, these included Judge Not by Michael Rose – or Mykal Rose as the ex-Black Uhuru lead singer’s name is also spelt. Some twenty-two years after the Judge Not single could be found in specialist record shops, the song returns as the title track of Mykal Rose’s new 12-track album, released by Stingray Records.

7″ Vinyl

Mykal Rose steps forth with an album produced by Carl “Dillie” and Ray McLeod, which we most certainly did not know was on the horizon. The collaboration between the esteemed veteran and the acclaimed London-based producers has resulted in an album that showcases occasional flashes of brilliance across its twelve tracks. Apart from the before mentioned single from 2001, the album features a number of older songs, of which at least three were previously released on 7″ vinyl. One of them is the 2004 issued Babylon City on the Caution riddim, which is a solid piece. Another single released that same year is the gorgeous message tune Break The Chain on the Craven Dog riddim. Also, the love ballad Breaking Up on the Intimate riddim, a mediocre effort that fails to impress, came out on vinyl in 2007.


Not issued on 7″ vinyl, but included on a compilation set is the 2010 Credit Card & Visa on the lovely Promise riddim. On this powerful track, Mykal Rose is at his very best. Definitely one of the album’s highlights. The same can be said about a few other tunes here that certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. These include the familiar sounding Love Light, with nice trombone play by Henry “Matic Horns”, the impressive That’s Life, the album’s title track Judge Not, and the closing track of this set, Never. Although being active for more than four decades, Mykal Rose is still able to treat his fans to a collection of songs that are worthwhile hearing.

Judge Not

Babylon City


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