Cornell Campbell – Only Love

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Cornell Campbell - Only Love

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Belleville International
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April 13, 2023
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1. Only Love
2. Parents feat. Joseph Cotton
3. Mister Officer
4. Bye Bye Version
5. Crush Version

Over the last two months, Belleville International/Patate Records have been particularly active in digitally (re-) releasing music from well respected reggae veterans. One of them is Cornell Campbell aka Don Cornel or Don Gorgon, who’s known among reggae fans for his trademark falsetto voice.

The singer’s illustrious career started some sixty years ago. During his teenage years, Cornell Campbell made his first songs for Studio One and recorded a number of ska tracks both as a solo artist and in partnership with Alan Martin. From 1964 until 1967, Campbell’s presence in the music industry seemed to diminish, until he surfaced briefly as a member of the rocksteady harmony group, The Uniques. Toward the end of the decade, he led The Eternals and took part in numerous hits. However, in 1971, he went solo after partnering with producer Bunny Lee, which highlighted Campbell’s striking falsetto in hits such as Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm and Natural Fact, which became some of his most successful records. In the same year, Campbell and Lee produced The Gorgon, a popular single that spawned several follow-up hits. In 1980, he and Lee parted ways. In the rub-a-dub era of the early 1980s, he garnered great success with his hit single Boxing produced by Joe Gibbs. Although he recorded less frequently after the mid-1980s, he continues to hold a devoted fan base and tours actively to this day.

One of the most distinguished voices in the reggae genre is showcased on this beautiful 5-track EP. Featuring three vocal cuts, the singer is backed by the delightful creations of French riddim maker Serial P. The track Only Love, which comes across a relick of the Created By The Father riddim called Bye Bye Bye, is a completely intoxicating piece that stands out as the most remarkable song on the EP. Originally released on 7” vinyl in 2006, it is a must-listen. Collaborating with veteran deejay Joseph Cotton, the sterling Parents on the Crush riddim is a superb combination of message and vibes. Mister Officer is yet another track that shines with its immaculate sound, this time backed by the Mother Long Tongue riddim. Mister Officer was previously released on 7” vinyl in 2002. Both, the Bye Bye Version and the Crush Version, are delightful and captivating, ensuring that this EP is a must-have for all reggae enthusiasts.

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