Mark Wonder – Reflections Of The Dragon Slayer

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Mark Wonder - Reflections Of The Dragon Slayer

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Yutman Records
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April 21, 2023
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1. Controlled Hypocrisy
2. African People
3. Urgency
4. Power For The People
5. For The Reason
6. For The Reason (Acoustic Version)
7. Controlled Hypocrisy (Dub)
8. African People (Dub)
9. Urgency (Dub)


In 2017, French record label Irie Ites released Mark Wonder’s ninth studio album titled Dragon Slayer. Over time, it evolved into a trilogy, with Remz Of The Dragon Slayer as the second installment, an album created in partnership with the production team of Munich-based Oneness Records. And now, after three years since Remz Of The Dragon Slayer hit the street, the third part of this musical saga has surfaced, linking Germany and Jamaica once again. The latest installment is a 9-track EP called Reflections Of The Dragon Slayer, produced by Berlin’s producer/multi-instrumentalist Jon Moon of 2017 founded Yutman Records in collaboration with Kingston’s Mark Wonder.

Previous Singles

Reflections Of The Dragon Slayer displays an array of themes and musical diversity with a collection of five multifaceted tracks, three dubs, and an acoustic rendition. Additionally, it incorporates riddims from previous releases of the label. Presented here are the two recent singles that were released ahead of the EP, Urgency and For the Reason. The former is an exceptional song that stands out as one of the EP’s finest tracks. The song is a call to action, urging us to open our eyes and recognize the condition of the planet, the political situation, the struggles of the impoverished, and the harmful impact we are making on the environment. It emphasizes the need to take action before it becomes too late. In terms of both its music and lyrics, For The Reason differs from Urgency. Mark Wonder’s remarkable versatility is highlighted in this magnificent tune that exudes a motivational and empowering tone. The song commences with a piano accompanied by a gradually escalating choir. It then incorporates a delightful horn section, ultimately transforming into a vibrant proclamation of affection. The acoustic version of For The Reason offers a refreshing break and, just like the original, is very pleasing to the ear.

New Tracks

Furthermore, the before mentioned collection of five tracks is completed by three never before heard tracks. The first one is the slow-paced strong opener Controlled Hypocrisy, which contemplates the hypocrisy exhibited by global governments. Mark offers the recommendation to avoid being ensnared in the propaganda, while simultaneously urging us to build upon the revolutionary work of our predecessors in the fight for change. The superb African People is another addition to the long list of reggae songs that encourage a sense of pride in people of African heritage. A topic devoted reggae enthusiasts are well-acquainted with. The last new track, the message song Power For The People, comes on Yutman Records’ More Fyah riddim from 2019. The song urges governments to change and emphasizes the necessity for increased power to be granted to the citizens. The last three tracks on the album consist of dub versions of which in particular Urgency – Dub is an outrageous piece.

No better way to give thanks to Mark Wonder for the wonderful Dragon Slayer trilogy than pull all three sets out and listen to them in one go!

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