Nga Han – Truth / Clive Hylton – All The Best

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Nga han - Truth

Release Info

Roots Masala Records
12″ Single / DR
Street date
May 10, 2023
Bandcamp Record Label


Side A
1. Nga Han – Truth
2. Simha – Truth (Chazbo Mix)

Side B
1. Clive Hylton – All The Best
2. Simha – All The Best (Chazbo Melodica Cut)

The latest Roots Masala Records’ 12″ vinyl release showcases two Jamaican artists on vocal duties. First there’s a conscious message tune called Truth. Nga Han’s lyrics are focused on topics such as righteousness, truth, and freedom, delivering a clyrics are focused on topics such as righteousness, truth, and freedom, .. Chazbo’s dub remix of the same track is equally impressive, bringing a spacious and immersive sound that transports listeners to another realm.

On the other side, Jamaican reggae veteran Clive Hylton, known from 1976 Black Ark roots killer From Creation, takes center stage with All The Best, a song that emphasizes the importance of unity and positive energy in overcoming challenges. Hylton’s soulful vocal delivery adds to the mesmerizing atmosphere of the track, encouraging listeners to join in on his call for unity and togetherness.

The release ends with a melodica cut from Chazbo that adds an ethereal melody to the mix. His expertise with the instrument perfectly complements the deep basslines and intricate riddims of the riddim, culminating in a unique sound that will leave listeners wanting more.

Snippets of the 4 Tracks


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