Various – Joe Gibbs Presents Dancehall Stylee – Classic Dancehall Sounds 1979-1981

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Various -Joe Gibbs Presents Dancehall Stylee

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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May 19, 2023
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1 Boxing Around – Cornel Campbell
2 Bam Bam – Kojak & Liza *
3 Friday Evening – Joe Tex & U Black
4 Nice Up The Dance – Welton Irie *
5 Fist To Fist Rub A Dub – Kojak & Liza
6 Jammin’ So – Madoo *
7 My Love – Wayde Brammer *
8 Green Bay Killing – Kojak
9 Can’t Tek Mi Landlord – Lui Lepke *
10 Quick Divorce – Barrington Levy *
11 Money Man The Girl She Want – Prince Mohammed *
12 Time Stiff – Junior Murvin
13 Sky Juice – Kojak & Liza
14 Joe Grine – Madoo
15 Ring Craft – Earth & Stone
16 Hole In The Bucket – Kojak & Liza
17 Heavy Waist Line – Tyrone Taylor
18 Drunken Master – Ranking Joe
19 My Woman – Barrington Levy
20 One Thousand Gal – Kojak & Liza *
21 Rope In – Cornel Campbell
22 Love In A Jamdown – Lui Lepke
23 No Children Don’t Cry – Al Campbell *
24 Lover Man Style – Shorty The President *

1 Leave Fi Mi Gal Arlene – Ranking Joe *
2 DJ Sprit – Errol Scorcher
3 You-Mus-Si-Mouse – Lui Lepke *
4 12 Tribe Possie – Prince Jazzbo
5 Two Timer – Cornel Campbell *
6 Batman And Robin – Joe Tex & U Black *
7 Mine Yu Mouth – Barrington Levy *
8 Late Night Movie – Lui Lepke
9 Good To Be There – Chalice
10 Dreadlocks Girl – Sammy Dread *
11 Lawd Suh – Danny Mangaroo
12 Love Problems – Echo Minott *
13 Wife And Sweetheart – Barrington Levy
14 My Princess – Sammy Dread *
15 Back Way Mr Landlord – Madoo *
16 Back Away – Prince Mohammad *
17 Thousand Things On My Mind – Danny Mangaroo
18 Look How She Fat – Lee Van Cleef *
19 Talk Of The Town – Ranking Toyan *
20 Under Me – Errol Scorcher *
21 Virgin Girl – Eek-A-Mouse
22 Tribute To Bob Marley – Lui Lepke
*new to CD

The ’70s drew to a close and Jamaican music gave way to Dancehall, and was a favoured style with Reggae fans until the mid-’80s. This music was aimed at the demands of live audiences and focused on subjects which Jamaican audiences could readily identify. Many of the Rock Steady and early Reggae rhythms were used and a dominant snare drum sound was introduced. Joe Gibbs, popular on the Dancehall scene, released many of the popular Dancehall singles between 1979-1983. This 2xCD collection contains 46 tracks from the early years of Dancehall with 25 of the recordings making their CD debut. We take a look at a selection of the tracks from both discs.


1: BOXING AROUND – Cornel Campbell. Co-produced by Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson it comes as a laid-back slice of Dancehall Reggae. The vocal is classy and as a 7″ was released in Jamaica on the Joe Gibbs Ultra Sound label in 1981. Fine way to start this disc. 3: FRIDAY EVENING – Joe Tex & U Black. This is a talk-over number by two of Jamaica’s finest dancehall artists when it comes to talk-overs in the ’80s. Main vocal taken by Joe Tex with U Black coming and going throughout, nice punchy rhythm track. Released in 1980 on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in Jamaica. 6: JAMMIN’ SO – Madoo. Never heard of this artist who also performed as Papa Madoo. It has another punchy rhythm track and the vocal/talk-over lends itself well to the Dancehall genre. A catchy 3min 7secs of top-notch Reggae written by Errol Thompson. Released in 1979 on the Crazy Joe label in Jamaica. 8: GREEN BAY KILLING – Kojak. Have come across this artist occasionally and he always comes up with a talk-over sound. On this the vocal is cool and the rhythm track has punch and the expected drum that is part of the Dancehall genre. This was played on Radio 1 by the late John Peel in the early ’80s. Released on Joe Gibb’s Belmont label in Jamaica. 10: QUICK DIVORCE – Barrington Levy. This is a heavier Dancehall sound and comes with the unmistakable Levy vocal. Mid-tempo, the vocal is semi-spoken and the song written by Errol Thompson. Released on Joe Gibbs Music label in Jamaica, 1980. 12: TIME STIFF – Junior Murvin. After starting with a crazy intro we have well-known Jamaican artist Junior Murvin on a mid-tempo number with a compelling vocal. It comes with a straight rhythm track performed by Trinity and are very professional. Released in 1980 on the Joe Gibbs Music label in US. 15: RING CRAFT – Earth & Stone. Not sure who the vocalists are but they put together fine vocals. Nothing special about the backing track, just a fine Reggae sound. This contains samples of ‘Mafia’/Lloyd Parks. 17: HEAVY TWIST LINE – Tyrone Taylor. One-time member of Byron Lee/Dragonaires and it is a faster number. Tyrone has always recorded fine releases and this is no exception. He is helped out by another vocalist from time-to-time and again the backing track comes from Trinity Released 1980 on Joe Gibbs Music label in US. 23: NO CHILDREN DON’T CRY – Al Campbell. Written by the vocalist this is a slow number and comes with a pleasing vocal and slick bass line. Nothing outstanding about this track just a fine Reggae sound. Released in 1980 on the Crazy Joe label in Jamaica. 24: LOVER MAN STYLE – Shorty The President. When this track was originally released it was the B side to ‘More Than I Can Say’ and as expected this track is a talk-over. Mid-tempo rhythm and Shorty doing what he does best over a punchy backing. Released on Joe Gibbs Music label in US.


1: LEAVE FI MI GAL ARLENE – Ranking Joe. Talk-over sound from one of Jamaica’s top exponents of this genre during the ’80s. Similar in parts to ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ and written by Joe Gibbs/Errol Thompson. Released on Errol T Records on 7″ in Jamaica, 1980.
4: 12 TRIBE POSSIE – Prince Jazzbo. Another talk-over sound with a punchy rhythm track. The vocal is not easy to understand and the backing is on the slow side. Released on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1980, Jamaica. 6: BATMAN AND ROBIN – Joe Tex & U Black. Another talk-over sound that may put the listener to sleep. The backing consists mostly of a bongo drum sound and the vocal is mostly from Joe Tex with U Black coming in and out. Released on Belmont label in Jamaica, 1981. 9: GOOD TO BE THERE – Chalice. 7 piece vocal outfit come up with a mid-tempo number that floats along with some fine vocal work. The backing track is rather infectious and one of the top tracks on this disc. Chalice were still performing in 2020. Issued on the album ‘God To Be There’ in 1984. 11: LAWD SUH – Danny Mangaroo. Slow pure Dub sound from an artist probably new to the listener. The rhythm track is catchy and the vocal is good. Released 1981 on Crazy Joe in Jamaica. 15: BACK WAY MR LANDLORD – Madoo. Mid-tempo number with top-notch vocals from an outfit new to one and probably a large number of listeners. The musicianship is first-class and one will be looking for further releases by Madoo. Released on Town & Country 1981 in Jamaica. 17: THOUSAND THINGS ON MY MIND – Danny Mangaroo. Written by the vocalist it is a slow, pure Dub sound from another artist new to many. The rhythm track is catchy and the vocal is good. Released on Crazy Joe 181 in Jamaica. 19: TALK OF THE TOWN – Ranking Toyah. Another slow sound with a possible vocal from another artist who has not popped up on vinyl/CD often. Have to say this is a catchy sound and a good Dancehall production. Released on Crazy Joe 1981 in Jamaica. 22: TRIBUTE TO BOB MARLEY – Lui Lepke. Not really a tribute number and comes as a talk-over sound. Slowish in make-up and doesn’t use any Bob Marley rhythm tracks. Final track on this disc/collection and can be found on the album ‘Late Night Movie’, 1981.

In conclusion, it is right to say that there have been many styles of Jamaican music since the days of Mento. It is likely that some of the styles will not suite everyone and Dancehall may not be for everyone. Here Cherry Red Records have put together a fine collection containing 46 tracks, 22 new to CD recorded from 1979-1983 and at £12.99p it’s good value.

Cornel Campbell – Boxing Around

Tyrone Taylor – Heavy Waist Line

Eek-A-Mouses – Virgin Girl


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