Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Mellow Mood – Mañana Dub

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Paolo Baldini DubFiles meets Mellow Mood - Mañana Dub

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La Tempesta Dub
Street date
May 26, 2023
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01. Jah Bless Dub
02. My Dub
03. Mr. Global Dub
04. I & I Dub
05. Paris Dub
06. Mañana Dub
07. Laser Dub
08. Dub Like Honey
09. Gospel Dub
10. Blessings Dub
11. Make It Dub
12. Town Of Dub

Italian producer, engineer, and bassist Paolo Baldini DubFiles has become a recognized figure in the music industry in recent times. His successful projects including Al Brown / Paolo DubFiles Baldini – Dub Cuts, L.A.B & Paolo Baldini DubFiles present L.A.B In Dub, Paolo Baldini Dubfiles meets Dubblestandart, and his ongoing collaboration with Mellow Mood testify to his growing prominence. His latest project with Mellow Mood, led by twin brothers Jacopo and Lorenzo Garzia, is the newly released dub companion to the sixth vocal album by the reggae band from Pordenone, Italy.

In 2018, Mellow Mood’s vocal album, Large, was released and later received a dub mix by Paolo Baldini, which was aptly named Large Dub. Paolo Baldini also utilized this approach for Mañana Dub by taking the original album tracks and creating his own live and direct dub versions in the same studio where the album was recorded. Baldini’s goal of bringing fresh energy to the original vocal pieces is achieved by challenging himself with a few technical limitations. By applying only a limited number of old-skool effects and enhancements he was freed from a kind of artistic hesitation. In addition, his mastery of MIDI technology allows him to restructure riffs, harmonies, and melodies. The caliber of this album is truly impressive. Dub wizard Paolo Baldini Dubfiles expertly navigates a multifaceted and imaginative sonic landscape, showcasing his increased dexterity in interpreting the lyrical vision of Mellow Mood. From the very first track, Jah Bless Dub, listeners are transported on an exciting and captivating listening adventure through the extraordinary sound fields that have emanated from Baldini’s creative mind. Although every track on this album deserves recognition and listening, exceptional dub versions like Paris Dub, Mañana Dub and Dub In Town have to be listed separately.

At the moment, the album is only available on digital platforms. The vinyl LP, mastered by Nick Manasseh, will be released after the summer of 2023.

Mañana Dub

Paris Dub

Town of Dub


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