Reggae Roast – More Fire!

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Reggae Roast - More Fire!

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Reggae Roast/Music On Vinyl
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June, 2023
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Side A
1. Let’s Live In Love (Ft. Horace Andy)
2. Crazy Baldhead (Ft. Donovan Kingjay)
3. My Selecta (Ft. Gappy Ranks)

Side B
1. Portfolio (Ft. Mr Williamz)
2. Spiritual Healing (Ft. Johnny Clarke)
3. Let Me Be Your Man (Ft. Donovan Kingjay)

Side C
1. I’ll Get Along Without You (Ft. Earl 16)
2. Guiding Star (Ft. Mr Williamz)
3. Smoke All Night (Ft. Horseman & Charlie P)

Side D
1. Listen (Ft. Soom T)
2. Blood & Fire Medley (Ft. Horseman & Natty Campbell)
3. Go Take A Hit (Ft. Natty Campbell)


Reggae Roast, the London-based soundsystem collective, has established itself as a dominant force in the UK reggae/dancehall scene. Their emergence onto the musical stage garnered them recognition as the driving force behind the revival of this genre and the introduction of reggae music to a new and younger audience. Through the synergy of their record label, live events, and sound system, Reggae Roast has consistently delivered innovative and fresh sounds, imbued with a message of consciousness and positivity, to audiences far and wide. Prior to securing a recording deal with Trojan Reloaded in 2018, Reggae Roast had successfully run their own imprint, Reggae Roast Records, for over a decade.


Turn Up The Heat, their debut album, featuring contributions from a range of impressive UK-based artists, received outstanding reviews that further enhanced their reputation and fame. This creative collective is unrivaled in the UK’s reggae/dancehall scene, making the release of their highly anticipated follow-up album, More Fire!, a much-awaited event. The album was released on CD, DR, and double LP cut at 45 rpm on flaming coloured vinyl in early June, with an eye-catching gatefold sleeve and intricate cover design by Sophie Bass. More Fire! is a treat for both the ears and the eyes.


The first artist to grace our speakers is Horace “Sleepy” Andy, who presents us with a newly updated version of Let’s Live In Love. This captivating song was initially recorded for the iconic Wackies album Dance Hall Style in 1982, and this current iteration with Reggae Roast certainly lives up to its predecessor. Notably, this track was chosen as the lead single for the More Fire! album. Donovan Kingjay, a talented singer hailing from Hanover, Jamaica, but now residing in London, lends his voice to numerous musical projects, including collaborations with record labels, sound systems, and producers. Additionally, Dubmatix, a renowned Canadian dub expert, revives the Bob Marley classic Crazy Baldhead with a revitalized riddim that blends perfectly with Donovan Kingjay’s emotive vocals. Moreover, the poignant lyrics of Crazy Baldhead, crafted by Bob Marley in the 1970s, continue to resonate profoundly today. Hence, this remarkable track warrants an instant replay.


The first side of the album concludes with My Selecta, a track that recounts the life journey of Gappy Ranks. Hailing from Harlesden, London, Gappy details how his Jamaican and Dominican roots have impacted his music, his struggle with homelessness, and his success both locally and internationally. Underpinned by the Silvertones’ rocksteady tune Midnight Hour and a lively dancehall bassline, Gappy even incorporates elements of Anthony Johnson’s hit tune Gunshot. Gappy’s authoritative delivery over the crisp and dynamic riddim culminates in a flawless tune. Meanwhile, on side two, Mr. Williamz brings his own unique flavor with a digital dancehall sound reminiscent of the 1980s, reviving the iconic Exit riddim with impressive energy. As an established sound system toaster who has collaborated with the likes of Chronixx, Damian Marley, and Gappy Ranks, Mr. Williamz has ventured into acting, making his debut in Idris Elba’s 2018 feature film, Yardie.


The difference is stark: first, Mr Williamz showcases his modern digital dancehall style, then we are treated to Johnny Clarke’s classic old-school track on the Queen Majesty riddim, singing about the positive effects of marijuana in Spiritual Healing which brings back fond memories of his work from the 1970s. The beginning of the third side brings a delightful surprise with Earl 16’s rendition of The Melodians’ timeless 1967 Treasure Isle rocksteady classic I’ll Get Along Without You. His performance imbues heartical and soulful dimensions, perfectly suited for this song. In contrast to his dancehall style on side two, Mr Williamz now showcases his rootical side in Guiding Star, delivering it with poise and conviction over a modern take on Jackie Mittoo’s Hot Milk riddim.


Horseman, an accomplished MC hailing from London known for his distinctive mix of toasting and singing, joins forces with fellow London deejay Charlie P on the track Smoke All Night and the result is pure magic! The energetic dancehall beat leaves no ambiguity in its lyrical content – it’s evident that these two artists are avid enthusiasts of the holy herb, commonly known as ganja. Soom T is widely recognized as Scotland’s most accomplished female MC. Her contribution to More Fire! only serve to reinforce this claim. With Listen, Soom T offers a seamless display of her lyrical prowess, delivering an unstoppable word flow that is sure to leave listeners in awe. Set against a digitally produced original riddim, her performance is nothing short of a boomshot.


The final two tracks of More Fire! showcase the talents of London MC and deejay Natty Campbell, a longstanding member of Reggae Roast Sound System. Campbell masterfully blends vintage sound system style with contemporary UK flavors, resulting in a truly unique sound. The track Blood & Fire Medley, featuring Horseman, draws inspiration from Niney The Observer’s 1971 song Blood & Fire, while Reggae Roast infuses it with a lively reggae/drum&bass riddim that is guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving. Meanwhile, Go Take A Hit pays homage to ganja with Campbell’s upbeat rendition of Don Drummond’s Heavenless riddim, skillfully enhanced with modern techniques and his own fiery lyrics. With its irresistibly catchy rhythm, this tune is sure to win over any reggae fan.


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