Some Dub Stories – Chapter One

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Some Dub Stories - Chapter One

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Some Dub Stories Records/Alpine Records/Take It Easy Records
CD / LP / DR
Street date
May 26, 2023
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1. Vortex
2. Mafagians
3. Hypnotopia
4. Poplar Tree
5. Salmon Swing Syndicate
6. Megacity
7. Regicide
8. Purple Tribe
9. Chest Nation

From Annency, France, comes a four-member group formed by Etienne Doutreleau (trumpet, flugelhorn and melodica), Boris Lacombe (drums), Clément Gros (guitar) and Lucien Leclerc (bass and machines) that calls itself Some Dub Stories. They not only make music in the studio and on stage, but also make animated videoclips that beautifully illustrate their songs. Musically, Some Dub Stories blends the elements of robust dub and uplifting melodies to create a harmoniously blended soundscape of electronic and acoustic music.

Some Dub Stories spent four years working on a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary project that, after releasing several singles and videos, has now evolved into an album. The singles Purple Tribe, Salmon Swing Syndicate, Régicide, Hypnotopia, and Megacity are to be found, along with four unreleased tracks, on the group’s first album. Aptly titled Chapter One, the dubby instrumental album tells the listener the saga of Obaba, the adventurous cosmic turtle and mascot of the group, shaped by graphic designer Lucas Roig.

Purple Tribe, the previously released first single, is driven by the slow and repetitive sound of the bass. Then a soaring guitar riff is added and the nice sounding jazz trumpet soon follows suit. The foundation of the gorgeous, also already known, Salmon Swing Syndicate is sturdy with a traditional dub sound, but the group’s various influences soon make themselves known. A hip-hop beat, a deep and meditative bass, and bold brass arrangements converge to create an energetic organic atmosphere. The captivating Hypnotopia contains a subtle mix of genres with samples of Honky-Tonk piano, a deep bass, catchy guitar riffs, and, once again, great sounding trumpet play. Taking inspiration from the East, Régicide relies on creating a somber ambiance. The shrill tones of the zither are manipulated and expanded, becoming metallic before being soothed by the accompaniment of brass instruments. The composition follows a gradual dub beat, at times entrancing and at others, catchy. Also truly worth hearing is the colourful Poplar Tree, a piece that slowly unfolds its beauty and in the end provides a great listening experience.

With Chapter One, Some Dub Stories has released an ambitious and more than worthwhile first album that not only fans of electro/dub will surely appreciate.

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