Various – Rockin’ On The G.G. Beat 1970-1971

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Various - Rockin' On The G.G. Beat 1970-1971

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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June 16, 2023
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1 Music Keep On Playing – Cornel Campbell
2 Another Festival – The Maytones*
3 Bird Wing – Winston Wright*
4 Ring The Bell – Trevor & Keith*
5 They Hold I – Jack & Bill*
6 Willy My Darling – Paulette & Gee*
7 Since You Left – The Maytones*
8 Soul Music – Joseph Leeford*
9 Feel It More And More – Paulette & Gee
10 Ontarius Version – Charlie Ace
11 I Don’t Like To Interfere – The Maytones
12 Hold On Tight – Paulette & Gee*
13 Shock And Shake Version 3 – Charlie Ace
14 Rocking On The G.G. Beat – Cliff & Winston
15 Cleanliness – The Maytones
16 Happy Soul – Charlie Ace*
17 Mr Brown – Trevor Brown
18 Minna Hear Me Now – Cliff & Winston*
19 Judgement Warrant – Val Bennett
20 Lonely Nights – The West Indians
21 Let The Version Play – The Maytones
22 Groove Me – Keeling Beckford
23 All One Nation – Cliff & Winston
24 Want Money – The G.G. All Stars


1 Groove Me – The Maytones
2 Do Something – Charlie Ace*
3 False Reaper – Gerald McLeash*
4 Black And White – The Maytones
5 Love Bug – The Ethiopians
6 Lover’s Affair – Charlie Ace
7 Devil’s Angel – Bunny & The Kiemanaires
8 Mr. Brown – Trevor Brown
9 Babylon A Fall – The Maytones
10 A Place In My Heart – Cynthia Richards
11 Sounds Of Our Forefathers – The Ethiopians
12 Got To Go Home – The Invaders
13 Little Boy Blue – Vern & Son
14 Oh My Baby – The Slickers*
15 How Long Will You Stay – Paulette & Gee
16 Remember – Roy & Bim
17 Bongo Man Rise – The Maytones
18 Starvation – The Ethiopians
19 Aim In Vie w- The Invaders *
20 You’ve Got A Friend – Cynthia & Irving
21 Run Babylon – The Maytones*
22 Jordan River – Maxie & Glen
23 Rod Of Righteousness – Jah Huntley
24 King Of Glory – Dennis Alcapone

*New to CD

Featuring big hits from the early ’70s produced by Alvin Ranglin who remains an underrated and overlooked Kingston based music maker of the 20th century. Starting at the beginning of the ’70s, Ranglin became one of the most popular Reggae producers of his generation. This 2 CD collection is the second in a series of sets showing off the best of Ranglin’s work. We take a look at a selection of the tracks on a fine collection.


1: MUSIC KEEP ON PLAYING – Cornel Campbell. Starting off this collection we have a lilting mid-tempo sound on which we hear a classy vocal from Cornel. The rhythm track is infectious and the group backing singers come up with good vocals 3: BIRD WING – Winston Wright. Nothing more than you would expect from Winston, an organ instrumental with a heavy rhythm track. It tends to go around-and-around but it’s a catchy number nevertheless. Released in UK, Camel. 5: THEY HOLD I – Jack & Bill. A fast-moving number with vocals from Jackie Bernard and Bill Gentles. It comes with an unknown writer and overall it is a punchy sound with a straight rhythm track. No original UK release. 7: SINCE YOU LEFT – The Maytones. Slow number with good vocal from both duo members. The rhythm track comes straight and overall this is a slick number, it had ‘Bird Wing’ on the b side and was released on Pama’s Camel label in the UK, 1970. 10: OUTNARIUS VERSION – Charlie Ace. This has a chorus taking much of the vocal with Charlie Ace coming in with a talk-over vocal. 2mins 01secs is not long for this track, but long enough to show od the vocalists top talk-over style. Released on a red and white G.G label in Jamaica, 1970. 12: HOLD ON TIGHT – Paulette & Gee. This may be familiar to the listener as the rhythm track has been used before. It is a mid-tempo number and comes with very accomplished vocals from a cool duo. One is hoping to come across other recordings from the duo. This track can also be found on the box set ‘Trojan Producers Series’ from the late ’90s. 14: ROCKING ON THE G.G BEAT – Cliff & Winston. Giving its title to this collection we have Cliff & Winston, Winston being Winston Wright and not sure who Cliff is. Any way this comes as a fast number with a well sung vocal from Cliff, helped out by backing vocalists. 18: MR BROWN – Trevor Brown. Written by Ernest Ranglin this mid-tempo number is basically an instrumental after a short vocal intro. Some further vocals do come in at the end and the track overall is not very exciting. 21: LONELY NIGHTS – The West Indians. This features Eric Donaldson and is cool Reggae at its best. Written by Donaldson it comes with backing vocals and a mid-tempo rhythm track. 22: GROOVE ME – Keeling Beckford. This is a version of the King Floyd classic and we end up with a slice of cool funky Reggae. It is a fast-moving number with a top-notch vocal and straight rhythm track. Released on the G.G label in 1971. 24: WANT MONEY – The G.G All Stars. Mid-tempo sound that has a heavy bass guitar fronting a cool rhythm track. At times we hear the G.G All Stars on vocal and although the rhythm track goes around-and-around it is a catchy number. 26: NO RECOMMENDATION – The Soul Makers. Finishing off this disc we have an outfit who may be new to the listener a cool slice of punchy Reggae with vocals that come across as male/female. Nothing much to say about the rhythm track apart from som fine percussion. Previously unreleased.


1: GROOVE ME – The Maytones. Starting this disc we have a well-known outfit giving their version of the King Floyd song, heard earlier on previous disc. On 7″ this was the B side to ‘Do Something’ by Charlie Ace in 1971. 5: BLACK AND WHITE – The Maytones. This outfit raise their heads again and this time around they give us a laid-back version of a well-known song, as a Reggae sound the version that was most successful chart -wise was by Greyhound in the late ’60s. This does not quite come up to the Greyhound version but is worthy of inclusion. Came out on the Typhoon label in Jamaica, 1971. 7: DEVIL’S ANGEL – Bunny & The Kiemanaries. Dose not sound like most Jamaican recordings and comes with a weak vocal from an outfit one can say they have never come across before. Written by Alvin Ranglin the rhythm track comes from Niney’s ‘Blood & Fire ‘and nothing to write home about. Released on Kiemanaries label in Jamaica, 1971. 9: A PLACE IN MY HEART – Cynthia Richards. Well, this comes as a nice surprise as one could call it Lovers Rock and the listener may remember the Gladys Knight version. Superb vocal from Cynthia fronting a cool rhythm track. This is Reggae at its best and may turn the listener onto Jamaican music in a big way. Released on the Typhoon label in Jamaica, 1971. 12: LITTLE BOY BLUE – Verne & Son. This is actually The Maytones on a version of Judge Dread’s ‘Big Six’, not as risky. Not as heavy production wise as Dread’s and maybe not the best version, good non-the-less. 15: DO YOU REMEMBER – Roy & Bim. This comes as a laid-back number with a haunting rhythm track. The combined vocals are top-quality from a duo who do not crop-up on CD that often. Original UK release G.G, 1971. 17: STARVATION – The Ethiopians. As one of Jamaica’s best-loved harmony groups during the late Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae periods they came up with some full-on recordings, this being one of them. This is mid-tempo and the combined group vocal is high quality. It came out on the Hit label in Jamaica. 21: TELL LAURA I LOVE HER – Max Romeo. This is a good version of a UK hit for Ricky Valance in the ’60s. It has Mr Romeo at his vocal best over a mid-tempo rhythm track. Previously unreleased. 25: KING OF GLORY – Dennis Alcapone. This has a strange rhythm track and is what we expect from Alcapone, a spoken vocal. The vocalist is joined by a vocal chorus at various times. Released on Typhoon label in Jamaica, 1971.

In conclusion, a fine collection that keeps up the quality releases from Cherry Red Records on the Doctor Bird label. The selection of tracks are mostly outstanding and as usual a vast amount of work has gone into putting this collection together. As always it comes with an interesting eight-page booklet and at £12.99p it makes it a collection that will add to any Jamaican music collection.

Cliff & Winston – Rocking On The G.G. Beat

Cornel Campbell – Music Keep On Playing

The Ethiopians – Sounds Of Our Forefathers


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