Jammaroots – S/T

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Jammaroots- S/T

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June 1, 2023
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1. I Know A Place
2. I Won’t Let You Down
3. I Keep My Eyes On You
4. Mad About You
5. Problems
6. Wise Mind

Maria Perdiki, known by her stage name Jammaroots, is a talented singer, songwriter and musician hailing from Athens, Greece. Growing up in a musical family, Maria’s passion for music runs deep in her veins. Throughout her career, she has explored various genres through collaborations, but she has found her true calling in reggae. Combining her diverse musical roots, Jammaroots has developed a unique sound that blends reggae with elements of soul, dub, and improvisation. In addition to performing with her band, Jammaroots, she also showcases her skills as an acoustic guitarist and as a reggae selector with live vocals.

About a month and a half ago, Jammaroots released their self-titled EP, consisting of six tracks that were recorded live at Wannabizz Studios in Piraeus, Greece. The mixing and mastering of the tracks were done at Studio 10 in Thessaloniki, Greece, focusing on enhancing the heavy bass and delay effects to create a unique dub atmosphere while preserving the live band experience. The powerful sounding EP includes original compositions by Jammaroots, alongside a reggae rendition of Hooverphonic’s Mad About You. Doing a cover of this popular 2000 hit single in reggae style definitely requires a certain level of bravery. Although it may not be among the best tracks, it is still a commendable attempt overall. When it comes to standout songs, the enticing introductory track I Know A Place leaves a lasting impact. Similarly, the thought-provoking song Problems also grabs your attention with its meaningful message. Additionally, Wise Mind, a tune that will make you bob your head, is definitely worth multiple listens, especially due to its surprising twist in its final 3 minutes.

This remarkable Jammaroots EP reaffirms that reggae music is a genre that transcends borders and can be created in a notable way by people all over the world.

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