Sprangy Rankin – Sidewalk Juggler

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Sprangy Rankin - Sidewalk Juggler

Release Info

Street date
July 28, 2023
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1. Sidewalk Hustler
2. Many Changes
3. Ten To One
4. Dancing Floor
5. Fireplace
6. Friend Enemy
7. Special Lady
8. Open Arms
9. Rasta Party
10. Baby I’m Back
11. Win Or Loose
12. Don’t Let The Devil Lead You
13. This Is A War feat. Captain Duce
14. Natty Dread
15. Life In A Jailhouse
16. Girl Of My Complexion
17. Real Real Lover

The Artist

Sprangy Rankin, a veteran deejay-turned-singer from Jamaica but based in the UK, has, at long last, released his debut album called Sidewalk Juggler. His journey into reggae music began when he started working as a box helper for the Jamaican sound system Soul To Soul. One of his main influences at the time was Lone Ranger, a deejay whom he watched perform numerous times. This led to his first performance as a deejay in the dance hall, where he shared the stage with artists such as John Wayne, Ranking Devon, and Papa Tullo. His introduction to Stereophonic Sound System came through his friend Alton Irie, who was part of the US-based Downbeat Sound. It was with Stereophonic that he met General Echo. However, it was another deejay, Snagga Puss (also known as Dickie Ranking), who encouraged Sprangry Rankin to pursue his deejaying career in the UK. He went on to perform for various sound systems in the UK, including Sir Coxsone, Small Axe, and Frontline. During this time, he developed a close friendship with Prince Far I and even accompanied him on a European tour that included stops in the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

Originals, Covers & Adaptations

In addition to original songs, this collection produced by Roy Cousins & Sprangy Rankin also includes several cover versions. These include the Mad Lads’ Ten To One, Freddie McGregor’s Brandy (retitled Fireplace), and Bob Marley & The Wailers’ Natty Dread, while Friend Enemy is an adaptation of Anthony Red Rose’s No Heathen, recorded in 1996 for Star Trail. Another adaptation is Rasta Party, which draws strong musical and lyrical inspiration from The Heptones’ Party Time. Furthermore, the CD features six tracks (remakes?) that have been previously released by Sprangy Rankin, namely Many Changes (2012), Dancing Floor (2012), Baby I’m Back (2012), Special Lady (2013), Open Arms (2017),  and Fireplace (2021). When it comes to riddims, originally recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, those familiar with the genre will quickly recognize the reworked backdrops that provide the foundation for tracks such as Fireplace, Open Arms, Life In A Jailhouse, and Real Real Lover. The songs that feature Sprangy Rankin accompanied by a female backing vocalist are particularly impressive. Standout tracks include Friend Enemy, Life In A Jailhouse, and the captivating piece Sidewalk Hustler, as well as its counterpart Many Changes, both performed over the same riddim. Later on this disc, the singer repeats this formula with the solid Win Or Lose and This Is A War, a collaboration with Captain Duce.

Overall, this is a satisfying debut album from a little-known veteran in the reggae business.


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