Caroll Thompson – Carroll Thompson, Expanded CD Edition

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Carroll Thompson - Carroll Thompson, Expanded CD Edition

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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August 18, 2023
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1 World Of Love
2 A Happy Song
3 Change
4 Stay With Me Tonight
5 Music (It Will Never Die)
6 Just A Little Bit
7 Hoping On Love
8 Dreams Of You
9 Your Love
10 Make It With You (7” mix)
11 Make It With You Version (7” mix) *
12 Honis I Do (12” mix) *
13 Give Me A Chance (12” mix) *
14 You Make It Heaven (12” mix) *
15 You Make It Heaven Version (12” mix) *
16 People Of The World (12” mix) *
17 Earth Man (12” mix) *
*previously not on CD

Caroll Thompson came onto the Reggae scene in 1980 recording and having a hit in the UK Reggae chart with the single ‘I’m So Sorry’ and with this Caroll cemented her reputation as one of the UK’s new recording artists, talented in a big way. This collection contains many classic Lovers Rock recordings and was her second album, reinforcing her as the Queen Of Lovers Rock. It now, via Cherry Red Records, receives its long-awaited release on CD. The album was released in 1982 and this collection comes with eight early ’80s bonus tracks, seven being new to CD along with sleeve notes penned by Caroll Thompson herself.


1. WORLD OF LOVE. Starts slowly before moving into a mid-tempo slice of cool Lovers Rock with the classic backing expected on this genre of Jamaican music. The backing comes with some good laid-back percussion and sets a high-standard for the rest of this collection. For the record Caroll Thompson was born in the UK and now lives in Letchworth Garden City. 2. A HAPPY SONG. This is a top-notch number on which Caroll gives her all on the vocal. This comes as another masterpiece of Lovers Rock and timeless, the backing comes laid-back with a female chorus and is of a high standard. One ends up listening to a beautiful sound and one to listen to late at night. Previously unreleased. 3. CHANGE. This comes with a smooth Lovers Rock rhythm and a high-quality vocal from Caroll. The production work on this and most of the other tracks comes from Caroll herself and is a classic Lovers Reggae sound. Original UK release on SG label,( LP SG-2). 4. STAY WITH ME TONIGHT. This is written by the vocalist and has a slow intro before moving into a mid-tempo sound on which Caroll is joined by a backing chorus at various times. The backing track is smooth and blends in with the vocal perfectly and the musicianship is high-quality. Original UK release S&G label (LP SG-2). 5. MUSIC (IT WILL NEVER DIE). On this we have playing on trombone a legend of Jamaican music, Vincent Gordon and another well-known vocalist in Caron Wheeler on backing. This comes with a short slow intro before moving into another top Lovers Reggae sound with a punchy backing track and a full-on chorus. Original UK release S&G label (LP SG-2). 6. JUST A LITTLE BIT. Written by Caroll this is a faster number with a heavy production and a chorus of vocalists helping- out from time-to-time. As Lovers Rock goes it does not come much better and gets into one’s head. Very catchy and gets the toes-tapping. Again the musicianship is superb, possibly the top track on the disc. Previously unreleased. 7. HOPING ON LOVE. This mid-tempo sound finds Jackie Mittoo on keyboards and as on previous tracks Caroll is full-on with a cool vocal in front of a chorus on which Caron wheeler is again present. The rhythm track perfectly blends into what one would call Lovers Rock at its best. Original UK release S&G label (LP SG-2). 8. DREAMS OF YOU. This is more of a Soul number than an out-and-out Lovers Rock recording. Caroll’s vocal is smooth over a well-presented rhythm track. Good to hear the vocalist on a different style although having said this a Lover Rock rhythm does appear towards the end of the track. Original UK release SG label (LP SG-2). 9. YOUR LOVE. This comes with a slow intro before moving into what we know as Lovers Rock, and a chorus which again includes Caron Wheeler. The rhythm track is smooth and once again has Jackie Mittoo on keyboards. This track concludes the original vinyl album. Original UK release S&G label (LP-2).


10. MAKE IT WITH YOU – Caroll Thompson & Sugar Minott (7″ mix). This release as a 7″ dominated every pre release chart for weeks and is a real chestnut. The song which was written by David Gates and recorded by his group Bread lends itself well to this Lovers Rock recording. It also features Sugar Minott along with the backing outfit Black Roots and it gives the song another dimension. It has a murderous drum beat and a superb alto saxophone solo, recorded at Studio One, Kingston, Jamaica. Original UK release Carousel label (CAR-3) 12. HONIS I DO (12″ mix). Starting-off with some fine percussion work it is a mid-tempo number on which Caroll is joined by a female chorus from time-to-time. The rhythm track is punchy and has some fine percussion work, this song was co-written by Caroll, it is catchy and is another top-notch Lovers Rock recording. Original UK release Carousel label. 14. YOU MAKE IT HEAVEN (12″ mix). This is written by producer Errol Thompson and is a fast slice of great Lovers Rock with a punchy rhythm track. It glides along with soulful vocal from Caroll on which she uses her higher tones. Once again a female chorus is present and the backing is slick. Toe-tapping Lovers Rock at its very best. Original UK release Carousel label (12 CAR-7). 16. PEOPLE OF THE WORLD – Caroll Thompson & Keith Drummond (12″ mix). Starting with a spoken intro it goes into what one would call a fun sound with Keith Drummond taking the main vocal with Caroll helping-out. 17. EARTH MAN – The People Of The World Band. This comes as a version of the previous track on which a chorus is prominent, but no main vocal, this was the b side on the previous track. The guitar work is quality and it ends up as a pleasing final track on this collection. Original UK release Carousel label (CAR-6).

This collection has not been available on any format for over 15 years so Cherry Red Records have come up trumps by making this collection available. It is fair to say that the majority of female Jamaican music artists have not been given the credit that they should have been, Caroll being one of these and this collection helps to put this to rights. The collection comes with the usual informative 8-page booklet with photographs from the period around 1982-1983 and we end up with a stunning collection for fans of soulful romantic Lovers Rock Reggae. This collection is well overdue and contains some of the best Lovers Rock ever recorded.

Ghetto Girl

Man Next Door

Let Me Love You


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