Dennis Brown – Let Me Love You, The Joe Gibbs 7″ Collection 1977-1981

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Dennis Brown - Let Me Love You, The Joe Gibbs 7" Collection 1977-1981

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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August 18, 2023
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1 Rolling Down
2 Rain *
3 Ghetto Girl
4 Ghetto Version *
5 I Hope We Get To Love In Time
6 Timely Lover *
7 Ain’t That Loving You
8 Hole In The Bucket
9 Equal Rights
10 Equal Rights Style
11 Man Next Door
12 Get Away *
13 Money In My Pocket
14 Cool Runnings
15 A True
16 Nu True *
17 How Can I Leave You
18 Bubbling Love
19 Should I
20 Cassandra
21 So Jah Say
22 So Jah Say (live)


1 Your Man
2 Assigned To Love
3 Created By The Father
4 Created Dub *
5 Say What You’re Saying
6 Honey Money *
7 I’m Coming Home
8 Homeward Bound *
9 Let Me Love You
10 All Night Love *
11 Girl I’ve Got A Date
12 Blind Date
13 Open Up
14 Due Season *
15 A Little Bit More
16 Love Dub *
17 Foul Play
18 The World Is Troubled
19 On The Rocks
20 Get High On Your Love
*previously not on CD

When a conversation takes place about the legends of Jamaican music Dennis Brown just has to get a mention. By the late ’70s Dennis Emmanuel Brown was widely known as the Crown Prince Of Reggae having had more Jamaican hits than any of his contemporaries, even Bob Marley & The Wailers. After hits with producer Niney he reunited with Joe Gibbs, who he had recorded for earlier in the decade. Further hits were recorded in Jamaica and in Spring ’79 Dennis hit the UK charts with ‘Money In My Pocket’ hitting No. 14 and this gave him his international breakthrough. We take a look at a selection of the tracks on both discs.


1. ROLLING DOWN. This track is also known as ‘Rain From The Skies’ and is a Roots Rock Reggae style number and will be familiar to Jamaican music fans. It comes with a mid-tempo punchy rhythm track on which Dennis is helped by a chorus from time-to-time. Nothing complicated about the backing, just classic in its make-up. Fine way to start off this collection. Released in Jamaica on Crazy Joe label in 1977. 3. GHETTO GIRL. Starting off with a fuzzy intro it moves into another mid-tempo number that has touches of the Dub sound from time-to-time. Dennis as usual is full-on with his vocal and the song is written by producer Errol Thompson. Released in Jamaica Joe Gibbs Record Globe label circa 1977. 7. AIN’T THAT LOVING YOU. This starts off with some classic trombone before we are left listening to Dennis doing his classic vocal over a punchy Reggae rhythm track. This Boss sound is as good now since its original release and it was mastered at Tuff Gong Studio and Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd . Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1979. 9. EQUAL RIGHTS. Another punchy rhythm track that comes with a positive, truthful, conscientious lyric that is well worth listening to. The track is Roots Reggae at its best with another strong vocal from Dennis that becomes infectious as the disc moves on. In UK released on Lightning label 1978. 11. MAN NEXT DOOR. Written by Dennis Brown we listen to another mid-tempo number on which the rhythm track is catchy and blends in with the vocalists soulful vocal. The style on this is Dub Reggae and it is a top track on this disc. Released in Jamaica on Crazy Joe label in 1979. 13. MONEY IN MY POCKET. Co-written by Dennis and Joe Gibbs it is probably the most remembered recording from this artist, as mentioned above it became a sizeable hit in the UK. Slightly slower than previous tracks it has another punchy rhythm and good drum sounds from time-to-time throughout. Now 44 years since its release it can still obtain playtime with numerous Jamaican/Pop music fans which says a lot for this recording. Released in UK on Lightning label in 1979. 15. A TRUE. Slower sound on which Dennis Brown is joined by female vocalist Dhaima, who may be anyone. The vocalists hit it off well together in front of a smooth rhythm track. It has a Roots feel to it and is about the spiritual churches that people join for good or bad. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1978. 17. HOW CAN I LEAVE YOU. You may have heard this song as an instrumental by Dwight Pinkney on the album ‘Jamaican Memories By The Score’ with the title ‘Promise Me (How Could I Live’). This mid-tempo sound fully allows Dennis’s smooth voice to come over and one ends up with the toes-tapping. Good lilting rhythm track and another top track on this disc. Musician Robbie Shakespear can be found on bass guitar. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1978. 20. CASANDRA. Coming with the rhythm track from another top Jamaican sound, ‘Westbound Train’ it has a punchy backing track and another full-on vocal that blends itself to this Roots Reggae production. Some of the lyrics come from the afore mentioned release. This was produced by Niney of ‘Barbwire’ fame and the 7″ single comes with a version under the title ‘Bionic Dub’. Released in Jamaica on Observer label in 1974. 22. SO JAH SAY (live). Recorded live at Montreux it comes with fine percussion work on the intro and a punchy rhythm track, at mid-tempo. This is a Roots Reggae sound with Dennis turning up the heat on the vocal and is unmistakeable the man himself. A video of this track is available on You Tube and is a fine way to finish off disc one.


1. YOU MAN. Co-written by Dennis and Joe Gibbs and comes mid-tempo with some fine percussion work. The vocal shows off the vocalist’s vocal talents to the fore. Which cannot be anyone but the ‘King Of Reggae’. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Music label 1979.
3. CREATED BY THE FATHER. Slower than the previous track and another Roots Reggae number. The rhythm track comes straight, and it is likely to have Lloyd Parkes on bass and Lowell ‘Sly’ Dunbar on drums. Roots Reggae dose not come much better than this. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1999. 5. SAY WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. Mid-tempo once again and starts with some fine organ work before we hear the usual Reggae rhythm. The organ returns from time-to-time throughout and Dennis does get some help vocally from the backing outfit. Another version of this was recorded by Eric ‘Monty’ Morris back in 1968. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1979. 7. I’M COMING HOME. Again starting with the organ sound it is a cool number, written by the vocalist. Dennis is backed by The Pofessionals and the overall sound is Roots Reggae. The rhythm is mid-tempo and sits well behind Dennis’s high-class vocal and we end up listening to a top track on the disc. Released in Jamaica on the Joe Gibbs Record label in 1980. 9. LET ME LOVE YOU aka LOVE ME ALWAYS. Written by Dennis and Errol Thompson it comes with a slower rhythm track than previous tracks and has an uncluttered backing. Vocal wise this is nothing special, just pleasant and the overall sound is what you would expect from the production work of Joe Gibbs. Released in Jamaica on the Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1980. 11. GIRL I’VE GOT A DATE. Alton Ellis & The Flames recorded this way back in 1967 before Dennis Brown came along with his version. This is more of a Roots Reggae version than the afore mentioned version. Written by Alton Ellis & Joe Gibbs this version may not be better than Alton’s but it lends itself to the vocal talents that are unmistakably Dennis Brown. Backing outfit on this is Trinity. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1979. 13. OPEN UP. Written by the vocalist it comes as a Roots Reggae sound with again Dennis giving his all on a classic vocal. The backing is standard Reggae and the percussion work is good. Released in Jamaica Joe Gibbs Music label 1981. 15. A LITTLE BIT MORE. This has Dennis at his best and the messages in the lyrics are worth taking a listen to. The rhythm is mid-tempo and punchy with a backing vocal from time-to-time. 4mins 03secs of Roots Reggae of a high standard. A Dub version can be found on the b side of the original 7″ vinyl. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label 1982. 18. THE WORLD IS TROUBLED. Nice cool intro on this mid-tempo Roots Reggae sound. Another recording on which the lyrics are very true to life. The backing is classic Reggae and Dennis is responsible for the lyrics. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label 1982. 20. GET HIGH ON YOUR LOVE. This is a faster number and Dennis is helped-out by a backing vocalist from time-to-time. Co-written by Dennis and Joe Gibbs it is a nice change from the slower tracks that dominate the collection. Faster sound, faster vocal, the same Dennis Brown quality. Good finish to this disc and the collection. Released in Jamaica on Joe Gibbs Record Globe label in 1982.

A huge number of Dennis Brown fans will be familiar with the high-quality vocal work from the ‘Crown Prince Of Reggae’ and will not be disappointed with this collection. Being a recording artist for Joe Gibbs on two occasions Cherry Red Records have bought these recordings together. Mostly includes Reggae/Roots Reggae recordings with an array of Dub and DJ versions. In conclusion the collection shows off Dennis Browns vocal talents to the fore along with the quality production work of Joe Gibbs 1977-1981. All recordings out of Kingston, Jamaica except track 22 on disc one out of Montreux. Out on Doctor Bird and at £14 99 it is a good addition to any Jamaican music collection.

Ghetto Girl

Man Next Door

Let Me Love You


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