Various – Prince Hammer Presents Shake Up The Dance

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Various - Prince Hammer Presents Shake Up The Dance

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August 18, 2023
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1. Al Campbell – Medley
2. Alton Ellis – She Is My Woman
3. Anthony Johnson – Africa
4. Bad Sarge – Illuminati
5. Brighter Star – Dunce List
6. Little Roy – Can’t Blame Rasta
7. Frankie Paul – Love Me Bapsi
8. Anthony Johnson – Give You Loving
8. Too Much War – Prince Hammer
10. Movement Of Rastafari – Vivian Jones
11. Prince Hammer – Gone To Long
12. U Brown – Walk With Jah
13. Luck Melody – Under Pressure To Long
14. Sylvia Tella – Let It Go
15. Fred Locks – Back Way
16. Vivian Jones – Buck Up Pon You
17. Robert Lee – Children Of The Future


The camaraderie shared by UK-based Jamaican record producers Roy Cousins of The Royals and Prince Hammer, who is also recognized for his skills as both a deejay and singer, has resulted in the release of a noteworthy compilation called Prince Hammer Presents Shake Up The Dance. This CD spans 17 Prince Hammer-produced tracks and has been released under Cousins’ esteemed label, Uhuru-Tamoki-Wambesi-Dove.


A mere glimpse at the names featured in this compilation will undoubtedly captivate your interest. The inclusion of renowned artists like Little Roy, Fred Locks, Frankie Paul, and Alton Ellis is sure to catch the attention of longtime fans. Moreover, also the names of successful UK artists like Sylvia Tella and Vivian Jones will resonate with a considerable number of reggae aficionados.

Standout & Noteworthy

The cultural roots piece Africa by Anthony Johnson is an absolutely gorgeous effort. It carries a delightful melody that exemplifies the caliber of most tracks found in this collection. However, it is not the sole standout, as Africa is accompanied by remarkable efforts such as Prince Hammer’s Gone Too Long, which explores the same theme, Fred Locks’ Back Way, and Children Of The Future by Robert Lee. Alton Ellis and Frankie Paul also deliver noteworthy contributions with She Is My Woman and Love Me Bapsi respectively. Additionally, Prince Hammer Presents Shake Up The Dance presents a few pleasant surprises, including Al Campbell’s captivating Medley and Under Pressure Too Long by the lesser-known Lucky Melody, also known as Nuthead Irie. Among the artists, one that was highly anticipated and certainly lived up to expectations is Little Roy, who enriches the compilation with the vibrant track Can’t Blame Rasta. Later on, U Brown does the same with Walk With Jah.


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