Gregory Isaacs – In Person (Expanded 2CD Edition)

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Gregory Isaacs - In Person (Expanded 2CD Edition)

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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September 15, 2023
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1 Sweeter The Victory – Gregory Isaacs
2 Love Is Overdue – Gregory Isaacs
3 Financial Indorsement – Gregory Isaacs
4 Be Careful – Gregory Isaacs
5 Another Heartache – Gregory Isaacs
6 If You’re In Love – Gregory Isaacs
7 Dreams Come True – Gregory Isaacs
8 The Way She Walks – Gregory Isaacs
9 Far Beyond The Valley – Gregory Isaacs
10 Happiness Come – Gregory Isaacs
11 No Forgiveness – Gregory Isaacs
12 Love Disguise – Gregory Isaacs
13 Love Is Overdue, Part 2 – Gregory Isaacs *
14 I Need Your Love – Gregory Isaacs
15 I Need Your Love Version – Gregory Isaacs *
16 Innocent People Cry – Gregory Isaacs & Freddie McKay
17 Wine In Time – The G.G. All Stars *
18 Don’t Go – Gregory Isaacs
19 (Don’t Go) Dub Wise – The G.G. All Stars *
20 Reasoning With The Almighty – Gregory Isaacs

1 Backslider – The Untouchables
2 Mosquito Dub – The G.G. All Stars
3 Food Control – Shorty Perry *
4 Mr Softhand – The Starlites
5 Mr Softhand Dub – The G.G. All Stars
6 Old Time – The Heptones
7 Old Time Dub – The G.G. All Stars *
8 Ital Queen – Vernon Buckley *
9 Ital Queen Dub – The G.G. All Stars *
10 Everyday It’s Just The Same Kind Of Thing – Paulette Williams
11 Sweat Of Your Brow – Shorty Perry *
12 You’re A Wanted Man – The Starlites *
13 Back To Dubwise – The G.G. All Stars *
14 All Over The World People Are Changing – The Maytones
15 Changing World Dubwise – The G.G. All Stars *
16 My Island – Paulette Williams & Gee
17 My Island Dub – The G.G. All Stars *
18 How You Gonna Get Control – Bellfield *
19 Dubbing Control – The G.G. All Stars *
20 Dedicated To Illiteracy – Shorty Perry
21 Illiteracy Dub – The G.G. All Stars *
22 Sugar Plum – Bellfield *
23 Sugar Plum Dub – The G.G. All Stars *
* New to CD

Gregory Isaacs arrived on the Jamaican music scene in the late ’60s and recorded for various producers without any long-term success. When moving to producer Alvin G.G Ranglin he recorded ‘Love Is Overdue’ which became a Jamaican smash hit. From this success came Isaacs debut album and this is the focus for this 2 CD set and includes the remainder of his recordings for Ranglin from around 1974. Disc two contains Ranglin’s output from 1973 of which 14 of the tracks have not been available on any format since being originally released. Gregory Isaacs was given the nickname of the Cool Ruler.


1. SWEETER THE VICTORY. Cool slice of Roots Reggae to start the original album tracks. A punchy rhythm track behind the clear vocal from Isaacs that we would expect. This is one of the vocalist’s essential recordings and when in Jamaica it was released on Sounds Of Victory label in 1972. 2. LOVE IS OVERDUE. If you’re a Gregory Isaacs fan you will no doubt having heard this track before. It has Isaacs sounding at an early age over another punchy rhythm track. One of the best tracks on the original album and released in the UK by Trojan on their subsidiary Attack label in 1974. 3. FINANCIAL ENDORSEMENT. This is a Roots Reggae number at mid-tempo and Isaacs shows off his vocal talents to the fore. A punchy rhythm track helps in making this a classic recording. Released in the UK in 1974. 4. BE CAREFUL. Roots Reggae at its best with another fine vocal from Isaacs. The punchy rhythm track lends itself to the overall make-up of another classic track. This comes with two Jamaican legends on the backing track, Vin Gordon and Tommy McCook on brass. 5. ANOTHER HEARTACHE. This starts with a long instrumental intro before we hear another quality vocal from Isaacs. The vocal is on-and-off and laid back in front of a full-on rhythm track. This was penned by the vocalist and released in 1974. 6. IF YOU’RE IN LOVE. This track is not a Reggae sound but more a Soul recording. The instrumentation on this is high-class and together we have a different and pleasing track. This was originally released in 1974. 7. DREAMS COME TRUE. Coming with a punchy rhythm track and some fine percussion work it moves along at a mid-tempo pace. Great to be able to pick-out the words as on most of the tracks from the original album. 8. THE WAY SHE WALKS. After a short instrumental intro we get into a mid-tempo Roots Reggae number. The backing is quite infectious and the whole track is only 2mins 22secs in length. Isaacs is again at his best on a soulful vocal. 9. FAR BEYOND THE VALLEY. Nothing special about this track, just a cool slice of Reggae on which the vocalist gives another full-on vocal. The rhythm is mid-tempo and has a smooth feel. The producer on this is Rupie Edwards and was released in Jamaica in 1970 on 7″. 10. HAPPINESS COME. A forceful intro leads into another mid-tempo number on which Isaacs sounds at a young age. The backing dies down and is well presented with some fine instrumental work. It is Isaacs at his best once again. Self-penned by the vocalist with the backing coming from the G.G All Stars, as on most of the tracks. 11. NO FORGIVENESS. Good organ work on the intro and then Isaacs comes in with a forceful vocal. The organ returns mid-way and this is a mid-tempo pure Reggae sound. 12. LOVE DISGUISE. Finishing off the original album tracks we have a slower number which comes with a fine Reggae backing that gets the feet tapping. Vocal excellence is given again by Isaacs and it is a good way to finish off the album tracks. G.G All Stars are performing the backing track, Tommy McCook and Vin Gordon are also present as on many of the tracks.

BONUS TRACKS (a selection)

13. LOVE IS OVERDUE PART 2. Nothing more than a version of track 2 from the original album. Mostly instrumental in make-up with Isaacs coming in with his vocal from time-to-time, as far as versions go this is a good one. Released in Jamaica on GG Records and the UK on Attack in 1974. 15. I NEED YOUR LOVE VERSION. This comes as an instrumental which consists of Isaacs vocal from time-to-time and some sirens at the beginning. One could see this as partly a Dub sound and the rhythm track is punchy when it appears. 17. WINE IN TIME – The G.G All Stars. This was the b side to ‘Innocent People Cry’ and is nothing more than a version of this number. It is mainly an instrumental with Isaacs making the occasional appearance. 18. DON’T GO. This is real cool Reggae having a Rub-A-Dub rhythm track and a classy vocal from Isaacs. The vocal comes double-tracked which gives a different sound to this recording. Released in Jamaica on Power Pack label and in the UK on Attack in 1974. 20. REASONING WITH THE ALMIGHTY. Mid-tempo rootsy number with another punchy rhythm track. A drum roll starts this and then Isaacs comes in with a clear vocal that floats over the backing. Nothing exceptional about this, just a well performed slice of Reggae. Released on Trojan’s Horse label as a 7″ in 1975.


1. BACKSLIDER – The Untouchables. This is a slow number with a laid-back rhythm track. The vocals are combined group efforts and good they are. The lyrics are basically about Jah and are easy to hear and understand. As a duo the vocalists were Jimmy London and Billy Dyce who also recorded as The Inspirations. Released in UK on the Grape label in 1973. 3. FOOD CONTROL – Shorty Perry. Written by the vocalist this is as one would expect from Shorty a talk-over sound. The rhythm track is fast-moving and catchy. This was a b side when out as a 7″ and released in Jamaica on the Hit label and in the UK on Trojan’s Grape label in 1973. 6. Old Time – The Heptones. Written by group member Leroy Sibbles it comes with a mid-tempo rhythm track. The vocals are supplemented by a vocal chorus and the track is another Ranglin production. Released in Jamaica on the Hit label in 1973. 8. ITAL QUEEN – Vernon Buckley. Originally recorded by The Maytones, we have a version by one member of the duo and good it is. Co-written by the vocalist it comes with a cool backing track with percussion. Released on Trojan’s Grape label in 1973. 10. EVERYDAY IT’S JUST THE SAME KIND OF THING – Paulette Williams. Written by the vocalist it comes with a punchy rhythm track and Paulette is joined on the vocal from time-to-time. Paulette has a smooth and clear vocal and this is a catchy number, at 2mins 32secs it could do with being longer. Roots Reggae at its best. Released in Jamaica on the G.G label in 1973. 13. ALL OVER THE WORLD PEOPLE ARE CHANGING – The Maytones. Slower start to this Roots/Reggae sound that has a punchy rhythm track. Co-written by group member Vernon Buckley it has full-on vocals. This recording also came out in the UK via Pama Records. Released in UK on Trojan’s Bread label in 1973. 16. MY ISLAND – Paulette Williams. This starts with a spoken vocal from Paulette before going into a skip-along sound. The instrumental section mid-way is catchy and along with a vocalist who one knows nothing about. This track can be found on ‘The Trojan Jamaica Box Set’. Released on Trojan’s Explosion label on 7″ in 1973. 18. HOW YOU GONNA GET CONTROL – Bellfield. This track can also be found on the ‘Trojan Jamaican Box Set’ from 2004. This starts with a happy-go-lucky instrumental intro before the vocalist comes in with and overall we end up with a fun sound with nothing special about the rhythm track. 20. DEDICATED TO ILLITERACY – Shorty Perry. This comes as a punchy version of the song ‘Dedicated To The One I Love,’ a UK hit for the Mamas & Papas. Shorty is joined by Stranger Cole on vocals. Shorty’s vocal is talk-over and we end up with a good cover version. Released in Jamaica on the Volcano label and in the UK on the Down Town label in 1973. 22. SUGAR PLUM – Bellfield. This is a fastish sound and the vocalist is helped-out by further vocalists from time-to-time. The rhythm track is punchy and laid-back. Released in Jamaica on the G.G label and in the UK on Trojan’s Grape label in 1973.

This collection features one of Gregory Isaacs best albums and also brings together many of Jamaica’s best artists to form the basis of CD 2. Including many Jamaican hits from 1973/74 the original album shows off the talents that made Gregory Isaacs a legend in both Jamaica and the UK. The 2 CD collection is a must for fans of the Cool Ruler and lovers of classic early ’70s Reggae sounds and comes with the usual 8 page booklet with pictures and in depth information. £14 99p will add this to any music collection.

Gregory Isaacs – The Sweeter The Victory

Gregory Isaacs – Another Heartache

Gregory Isaacs – Financial Endorsement


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