Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Joe Gibbs Presents 100 Years Of Dub

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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Joe Gibbs Presents 100 Years Of Dub

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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September 15, 2023
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1 100 Years Of Dub
2 Black September Version
3 Burning Version
4 East Africa
5 Far Land
6 I Stand Accused
7 I’ve Made Up My Mind Version
8 Natty Dread A Curnal
9 Pillow With Strings
10 Slave Master
11 The Winner
12 Broom Stick
13 Dub In The Morning
14 Dub Nu Crackers
15 Earthquake
16 State of Emergency
17 War
18 Big Fat Thing
19 Deck Of Cards Version
20 Financial Business
21 Fulfilment
22 Give It To Jah
23 I Need Dub
24 Informer Version


1 Keep On Dubbing
2 Memory By The Score Version
3 No Bones For The Dogs
4 No Man’s Version
5 Pope Phyias
6 Roots Kunta Kinte
7 Su Su Version
8 The Answer
9 Two Sevens Clash Version
10 War Is Over
11 Bubbler In Money
12 Bwoy It Rough
13 Dread Problems
14 Forgive Them Rasta
15 Heartbreaker
16 Holiday Style Version
17 Know It
18 Natural Feeling
19 Oh Jah
20 Reincarnation
21 Save The Children
22 Shaky Girl Version
23 Six Foot Six
24 Throw A Stone

Over the years many of Jamaica’s top artists have turned their hand to the Dub genre, these include Robbie Shakespear, Tommy McCook, Lloyd Parks, Ansel Collins, Sly Dunbar to name a few. This 2 CD collection contains 48 tracks, 30 of which are new to CD and cover the years 1975 to 1978. Containing Dub versions of many Jamaican hits we hear and even though the Dub genre has not always received the praise it deserves this collection goes a long way to putting this to rights.


1. 100 YEARS OF DUB – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. This is a version of the song ‘Am I That Easy To Forget’ which was, believe it or not, a hit for Englebert Humperdink back in 1969. This has a heavy bass led rhythm track with full on percussion. This gives itself to the title of the collection and is a good one. 3. BURNING VERSION (Burn Down Babylon) – The Mighty Two. Starting off with some fading vocals this again has a heavy bass led backing track and the so-called vocal returns from time-to-time throughout. The tempo moves up a slot at various times. 5. FOR LAND (Hooligan Version). This comes with another intermittent vocal which fades away as does parts of the backing. Dub music at its best. 8. NATTY DREAD A CURNAL – The Mighty Two. This version of ‘Up Park Ranking’ comes with good instrumental work on the backing track. Some way back vocals from time-to-time, pleasant and catchy. 10. SLAVE MASTER (Slave Driver Version) – The Mighty Two. This song was originally an album track for Bob Marley & The Wailers in 1973. It starts with a spoken vocal and various noises before it moves into a mid-tempo sound. The backing is laid back and the DJ talk-over is full-on. 13. DUB IN THE MORNING (Jah Bring Joy In The Morning Dub) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. This slower Dub sound has the broken-up rhythm track that is associated with this genre. Bass led as with numerous Dub recordings it has a semi-vocal and moves along swiftly. The track is a catchy one from 1976. 15. EARTHQUAKE (Satisfaction Version) – The Mighty Two. Very strange rumbling intro before moving into a slow rhythm with oscillating percussion that at times plays what sounds like the rhythm to ‘Breakfast In Bed’. 19. DECK OF CARDS VERSION – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. This is not a version of the pop number with the same title but a bass led number with percussion from time-to-time. Nothing fancy just straight forward Dub. 21. FULLFILMENT (Two Sevens Clash Version) – The Mighty Two. This comes with a spoken intro and is a version of the Culture recording. Again a bass led sound with the so-called vocal coming in-and-out throughout. 24. INFORMER VERSION (Jah Jah See Them A Come) – The Mighty Two. Finishing off CD 1 we have another Culture version that starts with a spoken intro. The rhythm track comes mid-tempo and apart from a few vocals it is a classic slice of Dub.


1. KEEP ON DUBBING (Keep On Moving Version) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. Starts with a chorus of vocalists before moving into a bass led mid-tempo number. The originally non-dub recording came from a Bob Marley album in 1977. Nothing special about this track just to say it is a catchy sound. 3. NO BONES FOR THE DOGS (Why Birds Follow Spring Version) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. This will be familiar to many listeners when out as a Reggae number, and the recording most remembered is Alton Ellis’s. On this we have a spoken intro before we listen to a mid-tempo version with vocals from-time-to-time throughout. The backing track is haunting with fine percussion. One of the collections top tracks. 6. KUNTA KINTA VERSION (Kunta Kinta The Dub Version) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. Starting off with a whistle sound it moves into a pure Dub sound. This track has been recorded on various occasions, one being by The Revolutionaries. Here we have a full-on slice of Dub with various sounds added that were not on the above-mentioned recording. The prominent drumming and percussion come together to give the listener a catchy recording. 9. TWO SEVENS CRASH VERSION – The Mighty Two. A drum roll starts this track and then we have a version of The Culture recording from 1976. At times a broken vocal comes in and again heavy bass is leading the rhythm track. 12. BWAY IS ROUGH (Hard Times Version) – The Mighty Two. Nothing too special about this track just to say that it is predominantly an instrumental with a sparce vocal at times. Another recording of this was by an artist known as Pablo Gad. 14. FORGIVE THEM RASTA (Almighty I Dub) – The Mighty Two. A mid-tempo sound on which we hear a vocal from time-to-time over a cool Dub rhythm track with fine percussion. Dennis Walks had this track as the B side to his ‘Almighty I’ 7″ recording. 16. HOLIDAY STYLE VERSION (Everyday Is Just Like A Holiday) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. If you remember the various recordings of this number, the first being by The Sensations, then you will not be disappointed with this. This starts with the original intro before going into a bass orientated version with some of the original rhythm track coming in from time-to-time. Lends itself well to this genre. 19. OH JAH (Orthodox Rock Version) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. Reggae rhythm starts this track before a talk-over vocal in front of an oscillating rhythm track. The talk-over does re-appear from time-to-time. Not a particularly interesting Dub sound, just pleasant. 21. SAVE THE CHILDREN (Inna Jah Children Version) – The Mighty Two. The original non-dub recording of this was by Sugar Minott and this starts with a female sounding vocal before we have a mid-tempo number that comes with laid-back percussion. Another case of bass being very prominent. The vocal does come back midway and this gets the feet-tapping, pleasant enough. 24. THROW A STONE (I’m Not A Queen Dub) – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals. Another mid-tempo sound to fish of this disc and the original non-dub recording of this was by Marcia Aitken. Nothing much to review, it’s just a classic Dub sound with bass again being the prominent instrument.

The Jamaican music genre known as Dub is not the easiest to review but should be given equal coverage as a large part of Jamaican music worldwide. Cherry Red Records have given the genre wide coverage with several of their collections and this one is a companion to the ‘Joe Gibbs 1970’s Dub Albums Collection’. This collection gives Jamaican music lovers the chance to purchase another fine collection and at £14 99p is a must for all fans of classic high quality Dub sounds.

Natty Dread A Curnal


Deck Of Cards Version


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