Collie Buddz – Take It Easy

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Collie Buddz - Take It Easy

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Harper Digital
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September 29, 2023
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1. Take It Easy
2. High Grade (International Herb)
3. Brighter Days
4. You Around
5. Close To You
6. No Bush Weed feat. B-Real
7. Twisted Agenda feat. Bounty Killer
8. Mr. Wicked
9. Trap Set feat. Demarco
10. Money Up feat. Keznamdi
11. Collision feat. Danny Towers
12. Hold Firm

If you know you know!

“If you know you know!” Pusha T, one-half of the seminal rap group, Clipse, summed it up best when he coined this line, and although it may have been more of a nod to those similarly enmeshed in the street life he so eloquently rhymed about, this line of life, relates strongly to literally anything which needs no further explanation. Winning $250 off of a $5.00 scratch-off? If you know you know! 4 day weekend? If you know you know! Getting the new Collie Buddz album and putting the headphones on for your first listen? If you know you know! It’s no cap, when I tell you that I already knew what I was in for when I saw that the Bermuda representer, born Colin Harper was coming out with fresh product for the masses. In a short period of time since his 2007 debut album and the concurrent releases of arguably his two biggest singles to date, Come Around and Blind To You, Buddz has done nothing short of cementing himself as one of the most versatile and consistent artists in the game. From singles to mixtapes, and perhaps the riddim of the year in 2020 with the Cali Roots compilation, dopeness has been this man’s constant companion, right up until the release of his new album, Take It Easy.

Top-Shelf Talent

I was actually introduced to this man’s music by my ace and CB’s fellow countryman, Austin, and I’m forever grateful for him blessing me with it. As unassuming as a top-shelf talent can be, Collie is one of those rare artists who self-produces as well or better than he sings. His voice and sing-style isn’t among the best in the game, but he always uses them to great results, often perking up a set with his easygoing sound and confident delivery. Take It Easy bursts right out the gate with the title track, a melodious opener that’s perfect for any vibe imaginable. I absolutely love Buddz in that he’s among the most versatile reggae artists doing it, and can literally shape-shift to any mood with his tracks. Bangers like High Grade, You Around and Close To You touch everything from rockers, to dancehall, to one drop, and have the nerve to do it near perfection. And of course the collabos are perfect. Enlisting help from a diverse collection of co-creators, from Bounty Killer on Twisted Agenda, B Real from Cypress Hill on No Bush Weed, and Danny Towers on perhaps my favorite track on the album, Collision. Closing out the album is Hold Firm, his offering on the previously mentioned Cali Roots riddim and is the perfect exclamation point to a fantastic listen.

One Complaint

If I have one complaint is that the T.I.E is a tad too short. In fairness, 12 tracks is usually right around the sweet spot for the length of a full player but Collie actually possesses the wherewithal to give us even more of what we, the fans crave for, that BDA fire that has propelled Buddz to among the most respected artists in reggae music. Proving that Bermuda is more than, urban legends of disappearing airplanes, and Goslings Rum, Collie Buddz has shown a spotlight on the island, which is perhaps only eclipsed by their recent 1st Olympic gold medal win. Now if only triathlon winner Flora Duffy can get in the studio and voice a dubplate, we might be on to something!


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