Ginjah – Music Is Mine

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Ginjah - Music Is Mine

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Rapid Production
Street date
October 13, 2023
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01. We Naah Bow
02. Stop All Madness (Album Mix)
03. Look Over There
04. Scammers and Schemers (Album Mix)
05. Conman
06. Drip For Drop (Album Mix)
07. One Good Lawyer
08. No Authority (Album Mix)
09. Stand Up Stand Straight (Extended Version)
10. Timing Speed Power
11. Stand My Ground

Hanover-born reggae artist Ginjah, currently based in California, is back with his latest studio album titled Music Is Mine. Known as the ‘Reggae Soul Man’, Ginjah is highly regarded as one of the most talented singer/songwriters in contemporary reggae music. In this seventh full-length album, Ginjah has carefully selected 19 tracks for release on download and streaming platforms. It is often unclear why artists or production teams choose to include more than approximately 12 tracks on an album. This decision can lead to the inclusion of filler songs that do not showcase the artist’s true potential. Furthermore, in addition to catchy riddims, an artist must possess a distinctive vocal style and compelling lyrics to captivate listeners from start to finish. Let us delve into Ginjah’s Music Is Mine album and see if it meets these criteria.

After listening to all 19 tracks for exactly one hour, it is evident that Ginjah possesses a powerful and soulful voice that effectively conveys a range of emotions. Despite occasionally pushing his voice too hard, it does not become monotonous or irritating. However, it is a challenge to maintain listeners’ interest throughout the entirety of the album with worthwhile and engaging lyrical content. Ginjah’s skills as a songwriter are highly regarded, particularly evident in the socially and spiritually conscious songs. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the tracks that explore romantic themes such as Girlfriend and especially Dream, which fail to leave a lasting impression. Lastly, the musical aspect should also be considered. Similar to many reggae artists, Ginjah also attempts to expand his fanbase by incorporating trendy sounds. In a recent interview, he expressed, “I enjoy the challenge as it enables me to connect with various demographics.” However, these kind of ‘in fashion’ riddims provided by Rapid Production, Sartout Records, and British Linkz in the end fail to enhance the appeal and atmosphere of this collection. In fact, they might even lead to skipping tracks in some instances.

With that being said, let’s shift our attention to the more positive side of things. An incredible song like the thought-provoking opener Immigration is bound to captivate any reggae enthusiast, as it serves as a powerful social commentary with big vibes. Undoubtedly, this previously released single, which tackles the controversial subject of immigration law adjustments in Florida, stands as one of the album’s strongest tracks, along with the album closer Cancer on the same riddim. Another example is Fighter, a personal song with clever lyrics that enlighten listeners on overcoming life’s trials and tribulations, just like Joe Frazier’s fighting spirit. The uplifting theme is also echoed in Ghetto, while the solid title track Music Is Mine revolves around the challenges an artist encounters in the music industry. Psalm 91, sung in a style reminiscent of Garnet Silk, leaves a positive impact, and the same can be said for Get Out, another uplifting song aimed at people in the ghetto.

Although you’ll probably skip five or six tracks, there will be plenty left to fulljoy.

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