Inés Pardo – My Time

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Inés Pardo - My Time

Release Info

A-Lone Productions
CD / LP / DR
Street date
September 29, 2023
Bandcamp Record Label


Side A
A1 The Fittest
A2 The Fittest Dub
A3 Music
A4 Music In Dub
A5 My Time
A6 My Time Dub

Side B
B1 Natural Revolution
B2 Natural Dub
B3 Papa Said
B4 Papa Dub
B5 Open Your Eyes
B6 Open Your Dub

Six years ago, the esteemed Roberto Sánchez unleashed the first full length album of Inés Pardo, a talented singer/songwriter hailing from Santander, Spain. With her warm and commanding vocals, the songstress captivated listeners through the album’s 12 tracks, making it an intriguing and impressive introduction to her musical journey.

Sophomore Album

After a very long wait, Inés Pardo has finally released her highly anticipated new collection of songs, bringing forth a delightful experience for her fans and music lovers in general. Similar to her previous album, My Time is done in showcase style, featuring 6 vocals and 6 dubs. However, this sophomore album signifies a notable progression towards an analog sound. Upon the first listen, it becomes evident that My Time is an exceptional effort that may even surpass its predecessor in strength. It encompasses all the elements that made One Sister such a pleasure to listen to, including Inés Pardo’s exceptional vocal delivery, intriguing lyrics, exceptional riddims crafted by the Lone Ark Riddim Force, and the exquisite dub versions mixed by Roberto Sánchez. With Sánchez at the helm as engineer and producer, the sonic appeal of the album is very high, making My Time a truly exceptional addition to Inés Pardo’s discography.

No Holding Back

From the very beginning, it is evident that this talented singer doesn’t hold back. The outstanding opening track, titled The Fittest, is a powerful message conveyed through a captivating roots reggae riddim that hits all the right notes, especially with the addition of the remarkable horn section. In this song, she discusses the importance of strength and finding one’s own place in the current critical times we live in. Both the vocal version and the instrumental dub version of The Fittest are outstanding and will definitely be played repeatedly. Another track, Music, has a more lighthearted tone. Like the majority of the songs, it was written by Inés Pardo and Roberto Sánchez. However, this particular song encapsulates it all: “Music is the driving force that moves my soul in these times.” The next vocal piece, My Time, is a thought-provoking song written solely by Roberto Sánchez, with a slower pace than the previous two tracks. It possesses an intriguing quality that adds to its allure.


The flipside starts off strong with Natural Revolution, a socially conscious song sure to attract a lot of attention. The dub version, with vocals drifting in and out of the mix, is also worth a listen. Following that is the funky and joyful Papa Said. One of the standout features of this track is its lovely riddim, which Inès Pardo uses to support one of her most beautiful vocal performances on the entire album. This song serves as a heartfelt tribute to her father. A few months ago, Open Your Eyes was chosen as the single release from this album. For those who may have missed it, there is now another opportunity to become acquainted with this impressive message-filled tune.

This remarkable release is part of a series of showcase albums by A-Lone Productions. With its analog and organic sound, filled with soul and roots, My Time embodies the essence of Inés Pardo’s music.

Open Your Eyes / Open Your Dub


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