Jonahgold – Singing In Self Defence

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Jonahgold - Singing in Self Defence

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Goldheart Music
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October 27, 2023
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01. We Naah Bow
02. Stop All Madness (Album Mix)
03. Look Over There
04. Scammers and Schemers (Album Mix)
05. Conman
06. Drip For Drop (Album Mix)
07. One Good Lawyer
08. No Authority (Album Mix)
09. Stand Up Stand Straight (Extended Version)
10. Timing Speed Power
11. Stand My Ground

Jonahgold, a producer, musician, and sound-engineer with decades of experience, is based in Sweden. He has worked with numerous top artists and musicians in the reggae genre. In 2022, he shifted his focus to a career as a singer and songwriter. This transition was marked by the release of his debut single Stand Up Stand Straight, followed by several other singles, such as No Authority, Scammers And Schemers, Drip For Drop, and Stop All Mandates.

The debut solo album from Jonahgold, titled Singing In Self Defence, includes previously released singles that have now become a part of the album. With 11 tracks of modern UK-oriented reggae, the album stays true to the genre’s roots tradition. Reggae has always been a platform for advocating human rights and providing information, and Jonahgold’s album follows this tradition by delivering messages in response to current events. The singles already hinted at the content of the album, and the new songs affirm this. The music combines distorted organs and guitars with powerful drums, giving it a contemporary sound. There are also chord progressions that will please jazz and funk enthusiasts, and the dub element remains present throughout.

Jonahgold’s calm, soothing voice is elevated by solid riddims, crafted with skillful contributions from seasoned instrumentalists. Zilverzurf introduced the delicate touch of quivering guitars, while Desmond Foster skillfully laid down the captivating bassline for We Naah Bow. Daniel Spahni, renowned for his work with Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Dennis Bovell Dub Band, expertly handled the drums. Mysticman brought a subtle essence with his chip-guitar, and Janne Baah provided his expertise in blending treble and bass to create the perfect mix.

Overall, Jonahgold’s first album is truly enjoyable and worth listening to from start to finish.

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