Baltimores & Massilia Hi-Fi – Global Crisis

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Baltimores & Massilia Hi-Fi - Global Crisis

Release Info

Association Sonne Art
CD / LP / DR
Street date
November 10, 2023
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01. Global Crisis
02. Mi Deh Ya
03. Working Poor
04. Fly
05. Another Vibe
06. Organic Food
07. Like Sour Cream
08. Blessing
09. The Rain
10. Solidarity
11. Time For The Crime
12. Global Crisis (Remix)

Baltimores steps forward with his latest album Global Crisis, created in collaboration with Dedoo, the beatmaker and leader of Massilia Hi-Fi. For those who may be unfamiliar with Baltimores and his musical endeavors, let’s first introduce this French artist.


Baltimores is a singer, author, and composer of reggae/dub music, who’s based in Marseille, France. He is known for his ability to effortlessly ride any type of riddim and switch between different styles such as rub a dub, faststyle, singing. His fluency in Jamaican patois, a language he learned during his time in Jamaica, sets him apart as one of the most active French singers in the genre. Baltimores has gained recognition in the reggae/dub world through his exceptional performances in sound system sessions alongside crews like Massilia Hi-Fi, After All Sound System, and Dub Foundry. He has also shared the stage with bands such as Ashkabad, Wicked Dub Division, and Knights of Mandala. In just five years, Baltimores has released over thirty singles and collaborations with various beatmakers, three EPs, a solo album, which he solely composed, and a remix album.

The Album

Baltimores and Dedoo collaborated on a musical project during the second confinement in France in 2020. This project was born out of their frustration with the political climate, resulting in a 12-track album aptly named Global Crisis. The album seamlessly blends reggae/dub with contemporary hip-hop, offering a captivating musical experience. The lyrics, primarily in Jamaican English, advocate for a critical perspective on our globalized society driven by mass production. This perspective is particularly evident in the title track Global Crisis, which provides an astute commentary on the widespread unrest and chaos caused by consumerism on a global scale, leading to severe consequences. Additionally, the album features tracks like Organic Food and Like Sour Cream, which use satire and light-heartedness to convey important messages. Furthermore, the album also includes songs such as Mi Deh Ya, Fly, Another Vibe, and The Rain, containing lyrics that tend to go into a more poetic direction. Despite the title, Time For The Crime, implying a social critique, the song is actually deeply entrenched in sound system culture. It can be considered a true “soundbwoy” tune with lyrics meant for soundclash battles.

To sum up, this is an album with music for the body, mind and soul.


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