Bounty Killer & Baby Cham – Time Bomb (EP)

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Bounty Killer x Baby Cham - Time Bomb EP

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Madhouse Records
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September 22, 2023
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1. Intro
2. Time Bomb
3. Slow Motion feat. Dexta Daps
4. Badman Tingfeat. Idris Elba
5. Mad Enuh
6. Vibe
7. Don’t Play

“Can It be that it was all so simple then?” As a matter of fact, Gladys Knight and Rza from the Wu Tang Clan, the answer is yes! Particularly when it comes to making great music. The classy songstress who was accompanied by three gentlemen known as “Pips” and the genius-level mc/producer who birthed one of hip-hop’s greatest groups both had the formula for doing so, down pat. Assemble the requisite talent, hit the studio, and refuse to overthink the process.

Dave “RudeBoy” Kelly

Say the name Dave “RudeBoy” Kelly to any hardcore dancehall fan, and wait for either a reverential headshake or a huge cheese grin. Even those who don’t know who he is, have been undoubtedly mesmerized by one of his countless masterpieces if you’ve ever frequented a club or bar that plays reggae music. I promise you, you have likely signaled di plane, Willie bounced or Bogled to legendary riddims like Joy Ride, Showtime, and Fiesta, all voiced by some of dancehall’s top artists. So, when DK assembles two of the best to ever do it, the results are already written in stone. Time Bomb, the most recent creation from the legendary producer, features Bounty Killer, and Baby Cham, both beneficiaries of Kelly’s production through their careers, and on their arguably greatest singles ever, Look and Ghetto Story respectively. Knowing both deejay’s strengths made this a literal walk in the park, and I couldn’t wait to crack a frosty Guinness (draught) and take in the dopeness.

Modern Sound

Opening the proceedings with the title track, Cham and BK, fall comfortably in line and present exhibit A on why this is the collaboration we all needed. Kelly’s production on this track is as good as ANYTHING out currently and proves that it’s nothing for a legend to assimilate with the modern sound. BUT just in case you may have bumped your head at some point and come down with a slight case of amnesia, a reminder of that classic ’90s fire that regularly emanated from DK’s Madhouse Productions is evident on the next track Slow Motion, featuring an assist from Dexta Daps. One could only dream of how insanely this track would have served the dance if stalwarts such as Beenie Man, Spragga Benz, Louie Culture and Lady Saw just to name a few, could have had a crack at it. I digress though. This is about Bounty and Cham, and they sound as crisp as ever on subsequent bangers, Badman Ting, Mad Enuh, and Don’t Play. As succinct and powerful as a shot of overproof rum, the 7-track Time Bomb is undoubtedly a swish from long distance. I winced just once at the somewhat bland, Vibe in which Kelly’s production dips in the hip-hop pool with substandard results, but that’s essentially a non-issue in the end, as fans are copping this offering for what these three bring and have brought to dancehall reggae the entirety of their careers.

I’m ecstatic that the favorites that I was raised on and who got me ingratiated in the intricacies of the genre enough to write about it adroitly, are STILL making great music, and keeping a torch burning for those of us who often struggle to find common ground with the new generation of artists. I’m optimistically awaiting more pairings of this nature and the trips down memory lane that inevitably will come with them.

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