Chuck Foster – Dub Journey

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Chuck Foster - Dub Journey

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Catch Me Time Records
Street date
July, 2023
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01 Just Watch This
02 Transformative Dub
03 Babylon Dub
04 Guidance
05 Dread Dub
06 Dub Of Oblivion
07 Ghost Story
08 Rumble Dub
09 Dub Journey
10 Shady Lady Dub
11 Easy On The Ear
12 Flying Solo
13 Riding In The Wind
14 Passionate Version
15 Dub Praises
16 What What About Dub
17 Clarity
18 Way Out Dub
Following the release of Chuck’s vocal set, Long Journey, there was anticipation for the dub version of the album. Long Journey, his eighth album, was met with positive reviews, prompting the expectation for its dub counterpart. Chuck has established a pattern of releasing dub editions alongside his vocal sets. His dedication and perseverance in producing traditional reggae albums with an unconventional American twist is commendable. Within the United States, Chuck is highly regarded and has been actively involved as a reggae producer, singer, publicist, and radio host. Catch me Time Records, which he founded and owns, serves as the platform for his productions.

As we have come to expect from Chuck, this album does not contain experimental, choppy dub workouts, with a raw and sharp edge like the Jamaican productions of dub’s heyday. He skillfully enhances the dub mixes in his own unique style, ensuring the connection with the vocal tracks remains unbroken, without hastily attempting to replicate his Jamaican peers. Among the musicians is Tony Chin, a member of the renowned Soul Syndicate band. Another notable member is John Morran, who contributes violin and harmonica as can be witnessed in the haunting track Ghost Story. The tracks were mixed at Rough Sounds studio in Redondo Beach by Chuck and Mike Irwin, with Mike also handling the bass and melodica. Occasionally, snippets of Chuck’s vocals can be heard in the mixes, such as on the track Dub Journey.

The deep echo chamber treatment of the tracks creates a vast and spacious atmosphere. The guitar solos, reminiscent of rock and blues, could have been toned down a bit. However, the retro-sounding organ sound is a success and adds to the atmosphere. We’ve had Flying Solo on repeat several times, with its restrained drum part and foregrounded mixed guitar. Babylon Dub has a somber and dark atmosphere, while the next track, Guidance, performs an opposite vibe. The opening guitar solo in Riding In The Wind evokes imagery of a Western film and this unique guitar sound reappears periodically throughout the otherwise minimalistic dub composition. Way Out Dub, the closing track of the album, captivates with its August Pablo-esque atmosphere, adding a touch of tranquility and depth to the overall musical journey. This track is one of our favourites on this album.

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