Dub Syndicate – Fear Of A Green Planet (25th Anniversary Expanded Release Edition)

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Dub Syndicate - Fear Of A Green Planet

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Echo Beach
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November 3, 2023
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Tracklisting CD

1 Emmanuel feat. Little David & Big Youth
2 Greater David feat. Big Youth
3 Sizzle Bud
4 Higher Than High
5 Not A Word
6 Dubbing Is A Must
7 Wake Up feat. Big Youth
8 Health Food
9 Each Breath I Take
10 Hey Geoff
11 Higher Than High (Version 2)
12 Emmanuel (Version 2)
13 Hey Geoff (Extended Loop Mix)
14 Dubbing Is A Must (Extended Loop Mix)
15 Health Food (Extended Remix)
16 Dub Syndicate meets Dubvisionist – Dub Meltdown

Tracklisting Vinyl

Side One
A1 Emmanuel feat. Little David & Big Youth
A2 Greater David feat. Big Youth
A3 Sizzle Bud
A4 Higher Than High

Side Two
B1 Not A Word
B2 Dubbing Is A Must
B3 Wake Up feat. Big Youth
B4 Health Food

Side Three
C1 Each Breath I Take
C2 Hey Geoff
C3 Higher Than High (Version 2)
C4 Emmanuel (Version 2)

Side Four
D1 Dubbing Is A Must (Extended Loop Mix)
D2 Hey Geoff (Extended Loop Mix)
D3 Health Food (Extended Remix)

A Classic Revisited

Dub Syndicate’s eighth album Fear Of A Green Planet is making a triumphant return with a 25th-anniversary expanded release edition. Fans of dub reggae are in for a treat as this classic album gets a fresh new look, with remastered versions of the original songs and additional tracks not available on the original CD and LP releases. Besides the double LP, this reissue is also available as 18-track CD release, with the booklet including excerpts from an unpublished interview.

Dub Syndicate

Adrian Sherwood and the late Lincoln “Style” Scott, a Jamaican reggae drummer renown for his work with the Roots Radics, Suns of Arqa, and Creation Rebel, joined forces to create Dub Syndicate. Since the 1980s, the band has been a driving force in the world of dub music, releasing over a dozen albums. Initially, Dub Syndicate had a classic dub sound, but they embraced a more experimental and technological approach with the release of their third album, Tunes From The Missing Channel, in 1985. This new sound revolved around the collaboration between Scott, Sherwood, and members of Tackhead, including Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc, and Doug Wimbish. Their innovative blend of reggae, dub, and electronic sounds, earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. Fear Of A Green Planet can rightfully regarded as a standout album in their discography, showcasing their groundbreaking approach to production and sonic experimentation.


The initial recordings for this album took place in Jamaica at Steely & Clevie’s Studio 2000 and the renown Tuff Gong Recording Studio, with the participation of Style Scott’s former colleagues from the Roots Radics period — Flabba Holt and Steely Johnson. Other musicians involved were Earl “Bagga” Walker and Bill Laswell on bass, Tony “Asher” Brisett, Ricky and Noel Brownie on keyboards, Stelluy and Asher on piano, Skip McDonald and Vincent Black on lead guitar, Sovra Wilson-Dixon on violin, and Dalton Bownie on rhythm guitar. Backing vocals were provided by Skip McDonald and Style Scott. Afterwards, overdubbing occurred at Greenpoint Studios in the US, owned by Bill Laswell, as well as at Playroom Studios in New York. Finally, the tracks were completed with additional overdubs and final mixing at On-U Sound in London, under the guidance of Adrian Sherwood.

Companion Release

The album Fear Of A Green Planet is part of Style Scott’s two album project “Scientist Vs Sherwood Soundclash” and thus serves as the companion release to the 1998 Scientist mixed album called Mellow And Colly. It features several remixed versions of songs from the latter album, all handled by Adrian Sherwood. Some of the tracks that have been remixed/dubbed out include Greater David (original: Jah Rasta), Each Breath I Take (original: Patient Man). Higher Than High (original: Breath Of Fresh Air), and Not A Word (original: God Is A Man).

Expanded Release Edition

The 25th Anniversary Expanded Release Edition of Fear Of A Green Planet takes listeners on a mind-blowing journey through the album. With its bonus tracks and a fresh remastering, listeners can experience the music in a whole new light. The music featured on this, almost 80 minutes lasting, album is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago, making it a poignant and thought-provoking listening experience. The first track on the album, Emmanuel, includes the vocal of Big Youth, who is joined by Little David from the Junior Reid camp. Like the other two tracks featuring Big Youth, Greater David and Wake Up, the lyrics are minimal and consist mostly of chants with phrases like ‘Herb is the healing of the nation’, ‘King Selassie I’, ‘Jah Rastafari’, and ‘Africa is our homeland’. Compared to previous albums by Dub Syndicate, the tracks on this album are generally darker and heavier in sound. The addition of Adrian Sherwood’s programmed metal beats and electronic elements creates a range of diverse and sometimes eerie soundscapes that continue to captivate the listener. The album’s most astounding tracks include the melodica-driven Greater David, the mesmerizing Not A Word with its deep bassline and slowly unraveling violin, and the hauntingly subdued atmosphere of Hey Geoff, which later returns in extended version. Also, the enthralling re-interpretation of Pablo Moses’ Dubbing Is A Must and Health Food – both featured with two versions – provide entertaining listening moments.

Overall, this release is a testament to the timelessness of Dub Syndicate’s music and a way to introduce a new generation to the band’s unparalleled sound. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Dub Syndicate’s music, this release is a must-have for anyone who appreciates innovative, boundary-pushing music.

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