Manudigital – Step Up

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Manudigital - Step Up

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X-Ray Production
CD / LP / DR
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November 17, 2023
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01. Step Up feat. Joseph Cotton & Bellyman
02. Reggae Music And Love feat. Alborosie & Yami Bolo
03. Fi Di Youths feat. Skarra Mucci
04. Quieren Mas feat. Alika & Blackout JA
05. Enough feat. Liam Bailey
06. Love On Tap feat. Alo Wala
07. Rasta Corner feat. Ghetto Priest
08. Don’t Stop feat. Afu-Ra & Ruffian Rugged
09. Do Good feat. Million Stylez
10. No Sabes Na feat. Tracy de Sà
11. This World Is A Hell feat. Jolly Joseph
12. Dub and Bass feat. Caporal Negus
13. Piki Piki feat. Dynamq

Manudigital embarked on his musical career as a bassist for several bands before shifting his focus towards production. He began creating a unique blend of music that drew inspiration from a variety of genres, including Reggae, Electro/Bass Music, Jungle, and Drum & Bass. This innovative approach caught the attention of music enthusiasts globally, leading to critical acclaim for his solo albums Digital Pixel (2016), Bass Attack (2018), and Dub Trotter (2020), as well as compilation sets such as Digital Kingston Session I (2018) and Digital Kingston Session II (2021) featuring various artists. In addition to these accomplishments, Manudigital has released around twelve EPs and has performed over 800 shows worldwide.

Manudigital’s latest release, titled Step Up, can be seen as a continuation of his previous compilations featuring various artists. This time, he collaborates with musicians from different countries including France, the UK, Jamaica, Sweden, and the US. Fans familiar with his previous works will witness Manudigital’s musical progression towards electronic and hybrid productions. The album kicks off with the high-energy title track, featuring Jamaican deejay Joseph Cotton and UK Drum & Bass MC Bellyman, known for his popular YouTube series Carz Barz. For fans of soulful Reggae, the track Enough delivers a fusion of Pop and Digital Reggae, with UK Reggae/Soul artist Liam Bailey on vocals. The production of Skarra Mucci’s Fi Di Youths showcases a strong influence of lofi hip-hop, while MC Alo Wala, a Punjabi-American vocalist from Chicago, rides an energetic riddim infused with Baile Funk, a genre originating from Black Brazilian music. To add to the eclectic mix, the album’s final track, Dynamiq’s Piki Piki, incorporates an infectious Afrobeat riddim.

What about Reggae music? There are a few tracks where Manudigital’s passion for the genre is evident. Alborosie, who was born in Sicily and is based in Jamaica, collaborates with Jamaican artist Yami Bolo on Reggae Music and Love. This standout tune features a 1980s style digital riddim with Yami Bolo’s Waterhouse style vocals in the chorus and Alborosie handling the verses. Ghetto Priest, the singer from Asian Dub Foundation, delivers Rasta Corner over a captivating percussion-driven meditative riddim. Jolly Joseph, known from the Dub Shepherds, contributes This World Is A Hell, an enjoyable reggae track. The singer’s voice, reminiscent of Junior Murvin, delivers a powerful message over a dub-inspired reggae backdrop.

In short, Step Up is not just an album that entertains, but also encourages listeners to break free from their normal musical preferences and delve into Manudigital’s diverse music blend.

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