Norris Man – Life

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Norris Man - Life

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E.Turn.A.T Records
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November 17, 2023
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01. Doors Are Open
02. Folly Deeds
03. Got To Know You
04. Lesson To Learn
05. Life
06. Live It Up
07. Never See This Coming feat. Cisilia
08. Red In Babylon feat. Lutan Fyah
09. I Will Remember
10. Still Run
11. Worthwhile feat. Cisilia
12. Jah Love Me

Three decades after he recorded one of his first singles, Woman You Body Good, for Jamaica-based Apex Records in 1993, Christopher Campbell, better known as Norris Man, is still recording and releasing music. Earlier this year, the Jamaican singer was finally acknowledged for his endeavors in reggae music when he received an award from Spotify for reaching one million streams on his 1999 album Persistence. When reissued by VP Records in 2000, the Iley Dread of Kings Of Kings helmed debut album brought him global attention. However, Norris Man faced the challenges of transitioning from a talented artist to a major player in the highly competitive reggae scene. Despite releasing several hit songs and noteworthy albums, he has been largely underrated and flown beneath the proverbial radar. It is Norris Man’s unwavering persistence that has allowed him to continue thriving in the music industry.

Norris Man’s dedication to his craft is undeniable, as he has released a total of four albums in recent years. The first, titled Victory, was released by Bread Castle Records in 2017. Following that, in 2019, he released T.I.M.E. under the Knatural Entertainment label. In 2022, Norris Man showcased his talents once again with the release of two albums, Emerge, produced by Stingray Records, and Deep Conversations, released by Train Line Records. Read the review. Now, the Sweden-based Jamaican artist comes up with his latest creation, a fresh 12-track album called Life. This latest project is the outcome of Norris Man’s fruitful collaboration with Danish duo Tormod Tegner, a talented musician, composer, producer, author, and illustrator, and producer Andreas Heding aka DJ Johnson.

Being an artist who’s capable of convincingly tackling roots reggae themes and romantic issues, it is safe to assume that there are songs included that deal with both subjects. And indeed, this Life album contains five out of twelve tracks in which Norris Man goes into affairs of the heart. The romantic section of the album commences with the track Doors Are Open, which can be described as fairly good. It is by no means a subpar attempt, and the more you give it a chance, even though it isn’t anything special, it gradually becomes more appealing. Things go considerably higher on the next lovers piece, Got To Know You. This captivating tune not only features a delightful riddim but also has a lingering effect that stays with you. It’s immediately clear that I Will Remember breaks free from the mold of typical love songs. Its captivating and unique riddim sets a fantastic tone, exuding an extraordinary vibe. The other two romantic songs are done in collaboration with a lesser-known songstress, Cisilia. Compared to the lighthearted tone of Never See This, the sincere and touching Worthwhile leaves a stronger impression.

Rastaman is in control! That’s what can be felt when one listens to the sterling Folly Deeds. This roots reggae song undoubtedly stands as one of the very best that Life has to offer. Although Lesson To Learn has a different vibe, it’s an oddly infectious offering. While Lesson To Learn carries a different vibe, it possesses a strangely captivating allure. This track operates on multiple levels, as it not only conveys a meaningful message, but also boasts a remarkably appealing sound. The title track, Life, comes on a different type of riddim which sounds a bit curious. In the end, it takes Norris Man’s delivery to cast it in a very nice light. The collaboration with Lutan Fyah has resulted in the album’s standout track, Red In Babylon. This powerful tune is so good that it will have listeners hitting repeat again and again. Belonging to the same category is the compelling Still Run, another offering that is strong on its own merits. The album concludes in a truly magnificent manner with the heartfelt sung Jah Love Me, an empowering meditative song of sheer beauty.

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