Samory I – Strength

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Samory I - Strength

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Overstand Entertainment/Easy Star Records
CD / LP / DR
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November 17, 2023
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1. Outside feat. Lila Iké
2. Crown
3. Blood In The Streets
4. Continent feat. Jesse Royal
5. My Son
6. Wrath feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Capleton
7. Ocean
8. Stormy Nights
9. History Of Violence feat. Mortimer
10. Jah Love
11. Harvest

“The album represents the struggles I’ve overcome, both mentally and physically, and is also a representation of my son, who is my driving force behind this album.” (Samory I)

The teaser singles Wrath feat. Capleton & Kabaka Pyramid, Crown, and Blood In The Streets, all taken off Samory I’s second album Strength, have gained significant attention in the reggae music scene. With their compelling riddims and thought-provoking lyrics, these songs have been very well-received by both fans and critics, building up excitement for the album’s official release.

Samory I

Samory I, born Samory-Tour Frazer, was given his name in honor of the renowned African leader Samory Touré, who valiantly resisted European colonization during the 19th century. Since childhood, Samory I possessed a deep love for music, and his daily singing routine served as a testament to this passion. Aligned with his devout religious beliefs, he frequently showcased his musical talents at various church gatherings. With the release of his Rory “Stonelove” Baker produced debut album Black Gold in 2017, he became a household name in the reggae arena. The album received exceptional praise from fans and critics alike and introduced his breakout single Rasta Nuh Gangsta, alongside featured singles Black Gold, Son Of David, and more.

Sophomore Album

Samory I’s highly anticipated sophomore album, produced by esteemed reggae producer Winta James who’s known from his work with Protoje, Chronixx, and Damian “Jr Gong” Marley, follows up his 2017 breakthrough album Black Gold. The album, named after the affectionate moniker for his three-year-old son, features guest appearances by Jamaican reggae artists Lila Iké, Kabaka Pyramid, Capleton, Jesse Royal, and Mortimer. From start to finish, this collection of tunes showcases compelling riddims and melodies, seamlessly blending traditional reggae sounds with modern influences, thus creating a rich tapestry of sonic experiences. Each track possesses its own distinct energy, drawing the listener further into Samory I’s musical realm. One of the standout features of Strength is the depth of its lyrical content. The poignant lyrics invite listeners to contemplate the complexity of various aspects of life, love and, and the human experience.

Previous Singles

To begin, let’s examine the three previously released singles for those who may not be familiar with them (if such individuals exist, they must have been living under a rock). Crown is a vibrant track where Samory I proudly reiterates his commitment to Rastafarian beliefs despite societal opposition. The song passionately condemns the Babylon system and serves as a testament to black dignity and pride, emphasizing the artist’s unwavering dedication to his philosophies. In Wrath, Samory I delivers heartfelt words about truth and justice over a lionhearted riddim created by Winta James. This uncompromising track, featuring vocal and lyrical contributions from Capleton and Kabaka Pyramid, carries a subtle yet impactful tone. Last but not least there’s Blood In The Streets which serves as a powerful plea for a safer and more harmonious society, as violence continues to devastate both urban and rural areas, resulting in unnecessary bloodshed and loss of lives.

Remaining Tracks

Furthermore, every one of the remaining eight tracks holds its own merit, warranting a listen. Commencing the album is the highly anticipated duet with Lila Iké titled Outside, a truly remarkable tune resonating with individuals who champion progress, dedicate themselves to hard work, and possess sincere hearts. Notably, the song concludes with additional vocals from popular selector Boom Boom. Samory I teams up with Jesse Royal in the song Continent, a captivating tune set against a mesmerizing musical backdrop. This compelling track delves into the subject of selfishness and greed, while also advocating for the unity of Africa’s diverse independent nations. Recorded in 2018, the song My Son was the catalyst for this project. This emotionally poignant and musically beautiful piece about the death of the artist’s firstborn is elevated by the enchanting addition of the trombone played by Henry “Matic” Tenyue. The charming track Ocean, with its sample taken from Gregory Isaacs’ “Soon Forward”, brings forth a sweet romantic vibe. It’s followed by Stormy Nights, a fascinating song of pure class. The collaboration with Mortimer on History Of Violence truly captures the essence of the album’s title and so does the album’s finale Harvest. The powerful lyrics of these two tracks resonate with the harsh realities faced amidst a backdrop of violence. In the midst, lies the enlightening anthem called Jah Love which offers solace to those encountering difficulties by urging them to hold steadfast to the Most High.

In conclusion, Strength  The album’s captivating riddims, thought-provoking lyrics, and standout tracks make it a must-listen for any reggae and music enthusiast. With Strength, Samory I has solidified his status as a formidable force in the reggae genre, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating his future musical endeavors.


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