Sugar Minott/Johnny Osbourne – Bitter Sweet/Reggae On Broadway

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Sugar Minott & Johnny Osbourne - Bitter Sweet + Reggae On Broadway

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Doctor Bird/Cherry Red Records
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November 17, 2023
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1 I’m Not For Sale
2 Give The People
3 Never Too Young
4 Be Careful
5 Right Track
6 Can’t Get Over
7 Save The Children
8 This World

9 Lend Me Your Chopper
10 Can’t Leave Jah
11 Reggae On Broadway
12 Mr. Walker
13 Rock And Come On
14 Sing Along
15 World Needs Love
16 Live Right


1. I’M NOT FOR SALE. Mid-tempo sound on which Sugar Minott gives his all on a clear vocal. The rhythm track is cool and the song is co-written by Minott and Boothe, no doubt Ken Boothe. This is a fine way to start the original album and when distributed as a 7″ single it came out of Toronto, Canada on Bim Bam Records label 1980. 2. GIVE THE PEOPLE. The full title of this track from the original album is ‘Give The People What They Want’ and starts off slowly. The overall sound comes mid-tempo and the backing track is infectious. Sugar Minott’s vocal is top-notch and one ends up listening to a classic Roots Reggae recording. Recorded at Channel One Studio and mixed by King Jammy at King Tubby’s studio. Released in Jamaica on Jammy’s Records label 1979. 3. NEVER TOO YOUNG. Written by Minott, this comes slower than the previous tracks and he is helped-out on vocals by a backing chorus from time-to-time. Nothing special about the rhythm track apart from sound fine organ sounds and it comes via Gregory Isaacs’ ‘My Only Lover’ riddim. This is a Roots Reggae sound at its best. Released in UK on Warrior Records label 1978. 4. BE CAREFUL. Another mid-tempo sound which comes with Dub overtones. The Minott vocal is full-on and along with a punchy backing we end up listening to a catchy Roots Reggae recording. This was never issued on a 7″ single. 5. RIGHT TRACK. Written by Minott it is what one might call, easy listening Reggae. The Rhythm track is mid-tempo and uncluttered. The vocalist gets help on this from a chorus occasionally throughout and it moves into a Dub sound towards the end. Released in Canada on Bim Bam Records label 1979. 6. CAN’T GET OVER. The full title on the original album was ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You’ and is not the hit song from the ’60s. Vocal-wise Minott is joined by a chorus of singers and the mid-tempo rhythm track comes with fine percussion work. Catchy number and toe-tapping material. 7. SAVE THE CHILDREN. On the album ‘Hidden Treasures’ the performing credits go to Sugar Minott & Musical Youth. On the 7″ and the original album it is just Sugar Minott. The rhythm track is mid-tempo and Sugar Minott gives a classy clear vocal. This is a catchy number and a top track from the original album. The song was written and recorded by by the late Gil Scott-Heron amongst others. Released in Jamaica on Jammy’s Records. 8. THIS WORLD. This is Roots Reggae at its best and Minott is joined by a backing chorus from time-to-time. The rhythm track is mid-tempo and punchy. This track an also be found on the Trojan Box Set ‘Stand And Give Peace Roots Reggae’ from 2010.


9. LEND ME YOUR CHOPPER. This is Roots Reggae at its best and is written by Johnny Osbourne. This has a faster rhythm track than previous tracks on this disc. Some heavy drumming and a classic Osbourne vocal on what is a semi-Dub number that was recorded at Channel One. Released in Jamaica on Hit Bound label 1983. 10. CAN’T LEAVE JAH. This tune was written by Derrick Harriott and has been covered by various Jamaican artists. It comes with a punchy rhythm track and a full-on vocal. Johnny Osbourne is joined by a backing chorus from time-to-time. The rhythm track comes mid-tempo and is a classic track. Released in Jamaica on Jammy’s label 2023. 11. REGGAE ON BROADWAY. You may know this tune, written and recorded by Bob Marley, on this it comes as a version and is worthy of the interpretation by Osbourne. Heavy backing track and some help is given vocally by backing singer at various times. This was produced and mixed by Prince Jammy, it appeared on an album with the same title released in UK on Vista Sounds label 1983. 12. MR WALKER. This comes with a punchy rhythm track and fine vocal from Johnny. The backing has some percussion but it is way back into the rhythm. Very catchy track and a foot-tapper, the B side comes as a version. Released in Jamaica on Gorgon Records label 1979. 13. ROCK AND COME ON. Written by the vocalist it is slower than the previous track. Another punchy sound on which he is helped-out by Pappa Tullo from time-to-time, who is this vocalist! Recorded at Channel One in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Released in Jamaica on Hit Sound label and UK on Black Joy label 1982. 14. SING ALONG. This slower sound comes with a fine vocal and is a catchy recording with a straight rhythm track. This does have tones of the Dub genre and was released in 1982, only as an album track. 15. WE NEED LOVE. On this collection this track has the title ‘World Needs Love’ but the original title was ‘We Need Love’. Classic Reggae/Jazz sound and mid-tempo with a chorus coming in to help-out Mr Osbourne from time-to-time. Nice flowing sound, catchy at the same time. Some fine organ mid-way through and this song was written by Errol Osbourne and Clement Dodd and recorded at Studio One in 1979. 16. LIVE RIGHT. Mid-tempo sound to finish the original album tracks and this disc as-a-whole. Clear vocal over a straight rhythm track and overall a pleasant number, this track can be found on various releases, Trojan Dancehall Roots box set released in 2005 to name one.

This collection comes with two highly collectable albums on CD together for the first time and one compliments the other. Of course, we remember Sugar Minott and his 7″ single ‘Good Thing Going’ from 1981 and on this disc we have him performing more fine recordings. Johnny Osbourne’s tracks are equally top-notch and one has to say that this was an eye-opener as not being really into Mr Osbourne before. The make-up of this collection is a good way to highlight Jamaican artists and one hopes for more of the same from Cherry Red Records in the future. At £11 49p it is worthy of a place in any music collection.

Sugar Minott – Be Careful

Sugar Minott – I’m Not For Sale

Sugar Minott – This World

Johnny Osbourne – Rock And Come In

Johnny Osbourne – Mr. Walker

Johnny Osbourne – Lend Me Your Chopper


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