Glen Brown Meets King Tubby – Big Dub: Lost Tapes

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Glen Brown Meets King Tubby - Big Dub

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Drum & Bass/Rock A Shacka
CD / LP / DR
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December 1, 2023
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1. Dubs Lives
2. Big Dub Rocks
3. Dread Dread Dub
4. Prince On Dub
5. The Collie Man
6. Dub Happening
7. Hit Me Forward
8. Trouble Not Dub
9. Let’s Dub
10. The Clean Dub
11. Day After Dub
12. Greatest Dub
13. Good Dub
14. Dub Special
15. Falling Dub


Side One:
1. Dubs Lives
2. Big Dub Rocks
3. Prince On Dub
4. The Collie Man
5. Dub Happening
6. Hit Me Forward

Side Two:
1. Trouble Not Dub
2. Lets Dub
3. The Clean Dub
4. Greatest Dub
5. Good Dub

In 2009, the Japan-based record label Drum & Bass/Rock A Shacka released the album Big Dub in CD format and on digital platforms. Now, they have brought it back by reissuing it on CD as well as black vinyl. This album is a remarkable manifestation of the innovative partnership between Glen Brown, a talented Jamaican reggae singer, musician and producer whose career began as a singer with the Sonny Bradshaw group, and King Tubby, the renowned pioneer of dub music. It beautifully showcases the mastery of Glen Brown and the ingenuity of King Tubby. Glen Brown aka ‘The Rhythm Master’ aka ‘God Son’ was actually the first producer who credited King Tubby as an artist.

This Big Dub album features versions included on the flip sides of 7″ and 12″ singles that were released on labels ran by Glen Brown such as Pantomine, Dwyer Records, The Rythm Master, and South East Music alongside previously unknown dub versions, hence the addition of ‘Lost Tapes’. Among the 15 tracks on CD (11 tracks on LP), are superb dub versions to tunes like Roman Stewart’s Never Too Young To Learn, Glen Brown’s Away With The Bad Forward The Good, As Long As There Is You, and We All Have The Right To Live, Glen Brown & Snokeman Dread Locks’ Long Live Zion, and God Sons’ Merry Up. Glen Brown was highly productive when it came to recycling his riddims, successfully utilized by singers, deejays, and musicians. Additionally, he possessed a strong passion for playing instruments himself, with a notable focus on the melodica and hand drums. When it came to his recordings, Glen Brown carefully selected exceptional musicians from Jamaica, including Carlton Barrett, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Aston “Familyman” Barrett, Val Douglas, Jackie Jackson, Lloyd Parks, Sly & Robbie, Winston Wright, Gladstone Anderson, Ansel Collins, Hux Brown, Mikey Chung, Eric Frater, Bertram “Ranchie” McClean, Vin Gordon, and Tommy McCook, among others.

It’s known that Glen Brown used to instruct King Tubby to create various mixes of his riddims, allowing him to select his favorite versions. This is why a track like Greatest Dub is a next version to World Dub Away With The Bad from Blood & Fire’s Determination Dub (1973-79) album. However, compared to that album, this release is not as thrilling in terms of dub music. Some of the included dubs are nice but not particularly exciting as King Tubby reduces them to their bare bones, although occasionally allowing the guitar or keyboards to shine through. Other dubs sound more intense and really heavy with not even dashes of flute, horns and melodica offering much in the way of relief. Especially tracks such as Dub Lives, Prince On Dub, The Collie Man, and Greatest Dub are the ones that stand out and make this album worth adding to your collection.

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