I-Man Cruz – In A Mission

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I-Man Cruz - In A mission

Release Info

A-Lone Productions
Street date
December 8, 2023
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Side A
1. In A Mission
2. Inity
3. Everything’s Possible

Side B
1. Tek A Look
2. Follow Unfollow
3. Joyful Song

I-Man Cruz’s debut album, In A Mission, comes from Roberto Sánchez and his A-Lone Productions label, known for being a reputable source in contemporary reggae music. Like with many of his previous production works, Sanchez provides I-Man Cruz with old skool vibed roots reggae riddims that perfectly complement the artist’s unique singing style, which is inspired by such Jamaican greats as Dennis Brown and Delroy Wilson.

From his early childhood, Ferrán Cocera Cruz, known as I-Man Cruz, had a passion for singing. This affinity led him to join a reggae band called The Red Ones in the late 1990s in his hometown. The band primarily covered classic songs from Studio One. However, it wasn’t until Cruz moved to Santander, Cantabria that he began recording and collaborating with Roberto Sánchez. In 2009, he recorded his first song, To The Light, at the A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio, but it remained unreleased. Five years later, he formed a new band called Rice & Peas, with whom he recorded Everything’s Possible, which is included on this album. Prior to these releases, Cruz had also released two songs: Crisis (under the name Papa Cruz) in 2013 and Nuff A Dem in 2017, both released by Nansa Records. Following these, he did a collab song with Roberto Sánchez, “We’re Going To Zion,” and also released the solo single Tek A Look, also featured on this LP.

With a total of six extended tracks, the album masterfully showcases the vocal abilities and lyrical prowess of the Spanish roots reggae singer. Each vocal cut seamlessly blends into the dub and effortlessly creates an appealing auditory journey that will captivate enthusiasts of reggae and dub music alike. The first tune, the title track In A Mission, is an incredibly catchy and memorable opener with its prominent horn section and lively instrumentation. The following track, Inity, is a perfect continuation that sounds so sweet that the anticipation for its dub version grows. Both musically and lyrically, it keeps the listener engaged throughout. The first side of the album concludes with Everything’s Possible showcasing its excellence. Side B begins with the already familiar Tek A Look, where Cruz’s vocals and lyrics perfectly match the compelling musical backdrop. Next is Follow Unfollow, which, after multiple listens, transitions from slightly above average to considerably better. More or less the same can be said about Joyful Song, a song that has the potential to uplift a listener who may be feeling down.

I-Man Cruz’s debut album serves as a fine introduction to this talented artist.

In A Mission

Tek A Look