Sizzla – Praise Ye Jah (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Sizzla - Praise Ye Jah (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Xterminator/Diggers Factory
CD / LP / DR
Street date
November 17, 2023
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Side A
1. Praise Ye Jah
2. Dem A Wonder
3. Homeless
4. Blackness
5. Inna Dem Face
6. Give Thanks

Side B
1. Hail King Selassie
2. No Other Like Jah
3. How Dem A Flex
4. Cowboy
5. Greedy Joe

Sizzla’s second album for producer Phillip “Fatis” Burell, Praise Ye Jah, is a timeless reggae classic that has captivated reggae enthusiasts worldwide with its powerful lyrics and infectious riddims. Released in 1997, the album features Sizzla’s signature blend of roots reggae and dancehall, creating a unique sound that has solidified his status as a reggae icon. Twenty-six years after its initial release, Kareem Burrell, son of the late “Fatis” Burell, has remastered and reissued the album on black vinyl as well as CD in collaboration with France-based Irie Ites and Diggers Factory.

Musical Evolution

In the late 1990s, a talented artist named Sizzla, whose real name is Miguel Orlando Collins, rose to fame for his thought-provoking lyrics and unique vocal style. During this time, he was one of the few Bobo chanters to achieve the same level of popularity as Anthony B and Capleton. Growing up in the August Town area of east Kingston, Sizzla honed his skills by performing live on the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system. After recording his first tracks for Zagalou, he was introduced to Phillip “Fatis” Burrell and his Xterminator crew by Dean Fraser. Under Fatis’ guidance, Sizzla released a number of impressive singles, leading up to his underrated debut album, Burning Up, in 1996. However, it was his album Praise Ye Jah that really established Sizzla’s name outside Jamaica. Over the years, Sizzla has produced an immense amount of music, although the sheer quantity did result in a slight decline in quality at the start of the 2000s. During the past two decades, he has become a ‘hit or miss’ artist as solid or strong albums were alternated with really weak ones.

Depth Of Wisdom

The production work by “Fatis” Burrell in the 1990s is exceptional, and this Sizzla album is no different. The riddims, played flawlessly by talented musicians like Sly Dunbar, Melbourne “Dusty” Miller, Donald Dennis, and Winston “Bo Pee” Bowen, have the authentic sound of classic roots reggae, but with a noticeable ’90s influence. It’s the perfect vehicle for the deeply spiritual Sizzla. All the songs, except Greedy Joe, feature fresh and original riddims that are truly outstanding. Greedy Joe is delivered on a reworked version of the riddim used in Ernest Wilson’s Channel One hit, I Know Myself. Sizzla’s songs are filled with ancient teachings that still resonate today. At only twenty-one years old, the depth of wisdom in his songs is remarkable. Whether he is praising The Almighty on tracks like Praise Ye Jah, Haile Selassie, and No Other Like Jah, comforting the broken-hearted on Homeless, addressing his race on Blackness, or fighting against oppression on songs like Inna Dem Face, Dem A Wonder, Babylon Cowboy, and Greedy Joe, Sizzla’s lyrics are truly exceptional. This album showcases Sizzla’s unique blend of roots reggae at its finest, which has earned him a dedicated and passionate fanbase among the conscious ones.

Indelible Mark

Praise Ye Jah is a reggae album that boldly celebrates faith and social consciousness, while also delivering music filled with profound depth and emotion. This record has left an indelible mark on the reggae genre, showcasing Sizzla’s talent for creating timeless music that resonates with people from all over the world. For reggae music lovers who have yet to add this album to their collection, it is a must-have that guarantees an unforgettable listening experience.

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