Thierry – Asante

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thierry - asante

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333 Musical Laboratory
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August 2023
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1. Borderline
2. Prayers
3. (We Will Stay) Not Alone
4. Emma ft. Italee
5. Propaganda
6. Them Muzzle Ya
7. Nimi Muzima
8. Real Love
9. Time
10. Conquerors
11. Mon Rêve
During the Covid pandemic, Thierry embarked on his debut album project titled Asante, which was subsequently released in the summer of this year. Currently residing in Italy, Thierry is a talented Congolese drummer and singer. The album’s title, Asante, holds a significant meaning as it translates to “thank you” in Swahili. Thierry’s vocal style exhibits resemblances to renowned artists such as Alborosie and German reggae artist Gentleman. Interestingly, the opening track of his album bears slight similarities to Gentleman’s tune, Dem Gone, although we believe this to be merely coincidental. The album predominantly features traditional one drop reggae, characterized by a solid bassline, interspersed with elements of pop, afro-reggae, and other indescribable styles. Thierry draws inspiration from his deep connection with his mother continent and his personal experiences there. To bring his musical vision to life, Thierry recorded the album at Anchor Studios in Jamaica, under the expert guidance of Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger.

The horn section’s input is prominent and clear in various parts, along with the background vocals of multiple female singers and the occasionally bothersome guitar work. As a listener, it becomes apparent that Thierry’s pursuit of perfection has led to an excessive production, making the album somewhat tiresome to listen to. The cutting guitar solo and the distorted voice in the last section of the song Propaganda fail to serve a clear purpose, leaving us puzzled and ultimately detracting from the overall appeal of the tune. However, transitioning to the more lighthearted track Them Muzzla Ya, we are greeted with a much happier atmosphere. It is nicely arranged, allowing space for Thierry’s voice and the other instruments, with punchy dancehall interjections. Another standout is the nyabinghi-flavored tune Nimi Muzima. In the song Time, we believe we can recognize a poppy ska rhythm, while Emma, a collaboration with Jamaican singer Italee, takes us on a journey into more world-oriented music. Real Love gives off a somewhat jazzy feeling, which is certainly not a bad thing. Lastly, the album’s closing track, sung in French, deviates from reggae but showcases a well-composed piece where Thierry is accompanied by skillful acoustic guitar playing.

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