Breakfast Mood – At The Seahouse

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Breakfast Mood - At The Seahouse

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Tip-A-Top Records
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January 12, 2024
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Side A
1. Keep It On
2. Thank You
3. Hesch Mich Doch
4. Won’t Let You Down
5. I Knew The Day Would Come

Side B
1. At The Seahouse
2. Dancing Night
3. Last Night
4. Shine A Light
5. Ticks Fell Trag Ich Keis

The Swiss reggae scene continues to expand, as a fresh branch emerges in the form of Breakfast Mood, a young and talented five-piece band hailing from Zurich. Led by the impassioned vocals of Mr. Joel Bollier, this group of close-knit friends embarked on their musical journey approximately five years ago. Drawing inspiration from reggae legends such as Alton Ellis, Sugar Minott, Toots & The Maytals, The Gladiators, and Jackie Mittoo, Breakfast Mood has garnered considerable attention throughout Switzerland for their fusion of vintage reggae, rocksteady, and blues. Their dedicated efforts have now culminated in an album project that reflects the heartfelt contributions of all five band members.

The debut album, At The Seahouse, by the band was digitally released on major download and streaming platforms on December 22, 2023 through collaboration with Tip-A-Top Records. It is now also available on black vinyl, a delight for collectors of this format. The album consists of ten tracks, featuring eight songs in English and two songs, Hesch Mich Doch Müse Gsen and Ticks Fell Trag Ich Keis, delivered in the band’s native language. The album showcases the band’s excellent craftsmanship and compelling performance, with fresh original songs, catchy rhythms, soulful harmonies, and captivating lead vocals throughout. Each track on the album is commendable and deserves to be listened to more than once. The opening track, Keep It On, clearly displays influences from Toots & The Maytals and sets the mood for what is to follow. The main theme of the album is romance, bringing those in a lovers mood beautiful tunes like Won’t Let You Down, the moving I Knew The Day Would Come, the intriguing title track At The Seahouse, and Dancing Night, which brings back memories of a lively dance party on a sultry summer night.

Fans of retro reggae bands like The Frightnrs are in for a treat with Breakfast Mood’s debut LP.

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