Colah Colah – First Class

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Colah Colah - First Class

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Lava Voice Production
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January 2024
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1. First Class
2. First Class (Riddim Version)
3. World Inna Mess
4. World Inna Mess (Riddim Version)
5. Free Flow
6. Free Flow (Riddim Version)
7. Upliftment
8. Upliftment (Riddim Version)
9. Rebel
10. Rebel (Riddim Version)
11. One Way
12. One Way (Digital Bounce Riddim Version)
Stephan Bygrave, known by his stage name Colah Colah, is a talented Jamaican artist who has been actively involved in the music industry since the mid-1990s. Despite having a considerable number of releases under his belt, he has yet to achieve widespread recognition as an established artist. However, upon listening to his music, one cannot help but be surprised by this fact. Colah Colah possesses the ability to craft captivating melodies, his vocal delivery is both infectious and concise, and he skillfully addresses a range of human, spiritual, and social issues in his songs, both in Jamaica and on a global scale. His debut album, Steady Meady, which was released in 2008, received positive acclaim. In 2018, he unveiled the album Mission, which garnered considerable attention. Read our review of that album here. Throughout his career, Colah Colah has collaborated with various reggae artists, including Patrick Andy, Luciano, Andrew Tosh, and Turbulence, resulting in many noteworthy releases.

His most recent endeavor is a collaboration with Lava Voice Production, a German independent music label specializing in reggae and dancehall productions. The album titled First Class comprises six vocal tracks and their corresponding instrumental versions. While it may not be precisely classified as a traditional showcase album, as was customary during the 1970s and 1980s, the versions included in this album do not incorporate intense dub effects. Rather, they primarily emphasize the quality of the backing tracks. Throughout the album, Colah Colah’s profound social conscience, sincere commitment to justice, and spiritual connection to Jah are palpable in his poignant lyrics. The vibrant and infectious riddims within the album perfectly complement his energetic vocal style, resulting in a memorable musical experience. Additionally, the subtle integration of Auto-Tune in certain tracks does not detract from the overall listening experience.

The opening track of the album, which shares the same name as the album itself, showcases Colah Colah in a commanding manner. It sounds like UK deejay Macka B may have contributed some shouts in the intro. The following track, World Inna Mess, holds Babylon accountable for the issues plaguing the world today. On this particular riddim, reggae veteran Phillip Fraser also delivers a strong tune titled Be True To Yourself. Listen to his tune here. In spring 2023, Free Flow was released as a single. It is a beautifully arranged song that stands above the average. Upliftment is an older track from 2016. It exudes a less energetic vibe and has a more austere arrangement compared to the other songs, but it still provides a positive experience. Similarly, Rebel is more subdued in terms of its sound, but the lyrics passionately call for rebellion against all evil. It is a strong tune worth checking out. To conclude the album, we give One Way a listen, but unfortunately, we struggle to connect with its ‘flow’ and truly resonate with it.

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