Dhoko Orchestra – Parables Of Dhoko

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Dhoko Orchestra - Parables Of Dhoko

Release Info

Dhoko Records
Street date
January 15, 2024
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Side A

1. Let’s Unite On Time (Extended Mix)
2. Cosmic Love (Extended Mix)
3. Son Of The Flames (Extended Mix)
4. Why Shall It Be So

Side B
1. Do Hope Now (Extended Mix)
2. Anger On The Land (Extended Mix)
3. Clocks Of Men
4. Introducing Dhoko’s Orchestra (Clocks Of Men Part 2)

Reggae, a genre of music that originated in Jamaica, has managed to reach numerous countries across the globe. Though it was initially crafted solely by artists, musicians, and producers from the Caribbean island, it has now become a worldwide phenomenon with releases emerging from various corners of the world. Thus, it should come as no surprise that an east European country like Serbia has contributed to this musical movement with the release of a reggae album, Dhoko Orchestra’s Parables Of Dhoko.

The limited edition vinyl LP of the 8-track album features alternate mixes and extended versions of songs that have been remastered from original studio session tapes. Parables Of Dhoko is the culmination of a lengthy ongoing endeavor that began in 2018 with the creation of the first of seven compositions. These pieces were then individually released as 7″ vinyl singles over the years on the Dhoko label. The album, which comprises all seven previously released singles, can be viewed as a musical journey conveyed through parables. Collaborating on this project are the Dhoko Orchestra, a collective of musicians from various countries with a shared passion for reggae’s golden age, a group of vocalists named Sons of Manji, and the acclaimed recording and mixing engineer Raško Šantic, the producer and mastermind behind this remarkable undertaking. The album’s true splendor resides in its skillfully performed live riddims and profound messages, embodying the very essence of genuine reggae music. Through the vocal pieces, a universal message of peace and unity resonates, urging for camaraderie, resistance against oppression, and a lasting rebellion against the injustices faced by our generation. While musically captivating, the album occasionally lacks the same vocal prowess.

Overall, this Parables Of Dhoko LP is an interesting and entertaining project that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Do Hope Now

Anger On The Land

Clocks Of Men


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