Isha Bel – My Reward

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Isha Bel - My Reward

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Conscious Sounds
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January 2024
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1. Isha Bel – My Reward 4:01
2. Dougie Conscious – Reward Dub 4:03
3. Isha Bel – Come Jah 4:02
4. Dougie Conscious – Jah Dub 4:03
5. Isha Bel – Blessings 3:27
6. Dougie Conscious – Dub Blessings 3:27
7. Isha Bel – Bless Jah Holy Name 3:45
8. Dougie Conscious – Holy Dub 3:46
Jamaican artist Natalie “Isha Bel” Walsh embarked on her professional journey as a member of the girl group 4th Street Sista. However, she later transitioned to roots music and took the opportunity to reflect on her life. During this introspection, she embraced the teachings of Rastafari and incorporated them into both her personal life and artistic career. In addition to being a talented singer, Natalie also runs her own record label called Kalinga Records. She is actively involved in various other fields, including producing, songwriting, and acting. Furthermore, she is dedicated to developing initiatives in the social and cultural sectors.
Check an interview with Isha here.

Isha’s most recent accomplishment is an album consisting of four vocal tracks and accompanying dubs. Strangely, on the cover, her surname is written as Bell, with double L. This project is a collaboration with Dougie Wardrop, also known as Dougie Conscious, a renowned sound engineer from the UK. Dougie has an impressive track record dating back to the late 1980s and his Conscious Sounds studio serves as a hub for creativity, having produced numerous top-notch reggae, dub, steppers, and jungle releases. Additionally, Dougie’s name is associated with several notable bands such as Centry, Bush Chemists, Dub Specialists, East Meets West, Hydroponics, Jungle Neck, and Messenjah.

Isha Bel’s commanding and potent vocal style is easily distinguishable among many, and it perfectly complements the digidub production crafted by Dougie Conscious. Her songs, inspired by her personal beliefs, are predominantly positive, socially conscious, inspiring, and authentic. The album -perhaps better to speak of an EP- takes a showcase-like approach, allowing Dougie’s remix skills to shine, particularly in the accompanying dub versions. It should be noted that his dubs are not excessive, but rather more restrained, with Holy Dub being the most adventurous with a brief vocal interjection at the end.

The first two tracks by Isha are outstanding reggae tunes, while the third track, Blessings, offers a different vibe. With her vigorous vocals soaring over the infectious steppers riddim, she passionately implores Jah to bestow his blessings upon her. The beautifully arranged Bless Jah Holy Name serves as a full-fledged finale to the album, solidifying Isha Bel’s status as one of the leading vocal empresses of today. Her talent is truly deserving of being experienced to the fullest extent.

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