Michael Palmer Meets Kelly Ranks – At Channel One

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Michael Palmer Meets Kelly Ranks - At Channel One

Release Info

Burning Sounds
Street date
January, 2024
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Side 1
1. Chucky No Lucky (3.52)
2. I Am Going To Buy You A Gown (4.01)
3. She Sexy (3.25)
4. I Have A Problem (3.46)

Side 2
1. Woman Make You Waistline Roll (2.41)
2. You See Me You See Me (3.16)
3. Jah They Pon Mi Mine (4.02)
4. Good A Fi Suffer For The Bad (3.56)

Michael Palmer

Michael Palmer, popularly known as Palmer Dog, was born in 1960 and embarked on his musical journey in the late 1970s as a member of the Echo Tone Hi Fi sound system. The origins of Michael Palmer’s first single remain uncertain with regards to its producer and release. Titled Mr Landlord, the single is a reinterpretation of Barrington Levy’s Collie Weed set to the infectious riddim of the Get In The Groove. The single was released on both Ossie Thomas’ Ganja Farm label and Sonia Pottinger’s Dance Hall Records label.


Known for his distinctive vocal style, he swiftly gained recognition in the vibrant Jamaican dance halls, establishing himself as a highly sought-after artist. Throughout his musical career, which spanned until 1986, he released over a hundred singles and some 16 albums. Some of these albums featured collaborations with esteemed artists like Half Pint, Frankie Paul, and Frankie Jones. Among them was the album Angella, whose review can be found here. Unfortunately, he had to halt his singing career due to voice issues and relocated to New York. However, in 2017, he made a return to the studio, recording several tracks for Ed Robinson.

Kelly Ranks

The other artist featured on this album, known as Rasta Kelly or Kelly Ranks, does not enjoy the same level of fame. This deejay has released only a handful of works, such as this album and a few singles under the Gyasi label. It remains uncertain whether Kelly is currently active in the music industry.


Rusty, a young Jamaican producer based in London, took charge of producing this LP. In the early 1980s, he showcased his prowess by releasing a series of remarkable productions under his label, Rusty International. The Roots Radics, the highly regarded and dependable backing band during that era, skillfully played the riddims on this album. The punchy mix was expertly created by Peter Chemist.

At Channel One

Michael Palmer handles the vocals on side one, while Kelly takes charge of side two. Despite being released in 1985, one might anticipate early-digital riddims, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, and we’re actually quite pleased about it. These riddims are performed live, accompanied by a captivating horn section. Surprisingly, there are no remakes of Studio One or Treasure Isle riddims.

Repeated Listens

Michael’s opening track, Chucky No Lucky, is believed to incorporate the bass line from Don Carlos’ I’m Not Getting Crazy. This same riddim can also be heard in Kelly Ranks’ tracks Good A Fi Suffer For The Bad and Woman Make You Waistline Roll. Despite being recorded towards the end of Michael’s career, there is no sign of wear and tear or decline in his vocal delivery. All four of his tunes are noteworthy, with Chucky No Lucky, in particular, being a tune that deserves repeated listens. Michael’s heartfelt declaration of love in I Am Going To Buy You A Gown is an above-average tune, enriched by flavorful horn parts. The riddim bears resemblance to Linval Thompson’s song Holding On To My Girlfriend.

Prince Buster Jnr

With a spoken introduction by Michael -“special request to the man called Rusty”-, She Sexy sets the stage with its heavy bass and drum-only riddim. Kelly Ranks, a talented deejay reminiscent of Lone Ranger, effortlessly rides the riddims and delivers smooth toasts. The track Woman Make You Waistline Roll adds a touch of humor with its duet featuring Prince Buster Jnr. In the autobiographical track You See Me You See Me, Kelly Ranks portrays himself as one of the top deejays of his time. He showcases his genuine connection with Jah in the captivating tune Jah They Pon Mi Mine. The album concludes with the powerful and intense track Good A Fi Suffer For The Bad, where Kelly Ranks proudly asserts himself.

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