Alpheus – Unify

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Alpheus - Unify

Release Info

Liquidator Music
Street date
January 26, 2024
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Side A:
1. Unify
2. Real Rudy
3. Mother Love
4. Equality
5. Kitty Kitty
6. No Time To Waste

Side B:
1. Friend For Life
2. Stand Our Ground
3. New Horizon
4. Evil Man
5. Party Tonight
6. Rude Girl

Fifth Album

Nearly four years after the release of their album The Victory, Alpheus and Roberto Sánchez are back again. The soulful singer and esteemed Spanish producer, sound engineer and musician have dropped their anticipated album Unify, the fifth studio album in succession they’ve meticulously created together. As usual, the duo transports listeners to the glory days of ska, rocksteady, and early reggae, delivering a collection of tunes that sonically are pleasing.

Riddims & Lyrics

Superbly backed by original riddims played by the well-respected Lone Ark Riddim Force Band, Alpheus’ vocal prowess is displayed in every song. Each track in this album possesses its own unique energy, ranging from the lively beats of the previously released single Kitty Kitty to the soulful melodies of Mother Love. The album’s lyrics delve into the significance of unity, resilience, and social awareness, offering a diverse listening experience. Not only does it include uplifting tunes that will bring joy and positivity, but it also incorporates thought-provoking lyrics that address important social issues. The album’s multifaceted themes invite listeners to connect with the music on various levels, guaranteeing their captivation from start to finish.

This Side

Side A of the album begins with the opener, Unify, which is undeniably one of the album’s highlights. Take a moment to absorb the profound lyrics of this song, as they are truly worth hearing. Alpheus sends a clear and powerful message about the importance of living in harmony and unity, especially during the challenging times that are experienced in this world. There are other important message tunes on this side as well. One of them is the previous single titled Equality, which effectively portrays the current state of our society. Additionally, there’s No Time To Waste, a song that passionately encourages listeners to rise up and make a difference. The horn part that concludes this track is particularly beautiful. These three tracks deserve to go on repeat, which can also be said about the other three tunes featured on this side. The lively songs Real Rudy and Kitty Kitty are nice efforts that will surely get one’s feet dancing, while Mother Love is a heartfelt homage to the artist’s mother.

Other Side

The other side of the vinyl disc continues to deliver similar vibes. Things get started with Friend For Life, a compelling message song that caresses the eardrums and is a joy to listen to. The heat is on with the next track, a vibrant uplifting ska tune entitled Stand Our Ground. The tempo is then slowed down with the head-nodding New Horizon. It’s followed by the brooding Evil Man, a tune with a haunting aura. A standout piece for sure! Time to bring some cheerfulness with the final two tracks, Party Tonight and Rude Girl, which can be thoroughly enjoyed.

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