Ras Teo – Ion Man / Ion Man In Dub

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Ras Teo - Ion Man + Ion Man In Dub

Release Info

Forward Bound Records
Vinyl EP / DR
Street date
February 16, 2024
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Ion Man:
Side A
1 Ion Man
2 Long Iwa
3 Hard Fe Ketch
4 Come Terrible

Side B
5 Play Fool
6 Chu Chu Train
7 Chant And Sing
8 Ancient Of Days

Ion Man In Dub:
Side A
1. Ion Man Dub
2. Long Iwa Dub
3. Hard Fe Ketch Dub
4. Come Terrible Dub

Side B
1. Play Fool Dub
2. Chu Chu Train Dub
3. Chant And Sing Dub
4. Ancient Of Days Dub

Sweden-born Armenian multi-instrumentalist and roots reggae singer Ras Teo aka Jah Menelik starts off 2024 with the release of two seperate EPs, Ion Man and Ion Man In Dub, on his own Forward Bound Records imprint. For this project, the first out of three pair of releases, the sweet-voiced singer has collaborated with producers, engineers and musicians with whom he has successfully worked before. These include Roberto “Lone Ark” Sánchez, and Zion I Kings members David “Jah David” Goldfine, Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred, Magnus “King Quiet” Hjalmarsson, and the horn section consisting of Okiel Mcintyre and Zoe Brown.

The music on Ion Man by Ras Teo is reminiscent of his highly praised albums Ten Thousand Lions and Celestial Rockers. Just like these albums, it features well-crafted original reggae riddims with a strong nod to classic Jamaican roots reggae. Ras Teo’s distinctive vocal style stands out, along with his meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics that showcase his skills and talent as a wordsmith. This is not background music; each track demands the listener’s full attention. Fans of modern roots and culture music with a vintage feel will appreciate the themes of Rastafari, spirituality, and meditation woven throughout the album. While all eight vocal tracks are definitely worth a listen, a couple stand out immediately because of their captivating musical accompaniments. One standout is the serene Chant And Sing, featuring stunning hornplay that elevates the music to new levels. It’s simply gorgeous! Another standout track is Long Iwa, a captivating Rastafarian melody of sheer beauty.

If you are an avid fan of dub music, you will certainly enjoy Ion Man In Dub. This collection features vocal snippets, reverb, and echo that enhance the musical backdrops, making it a delightful listen for any dub enthusiast. While it is recommended to purchase both EPs, each one can also be enjoyed individually.

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