Tribal Seeds – Ancient Blood

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Tribal Seeds - Ancient Blood

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Tribal Seeds music
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February 9, 2024
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01. Bondage feat. The Twinkle Brothers
02. One Time feat. Romain Virgo
03. Tokyo
04. Dusk Till Dawn feat. Hector Roots Lewis
05. Time To Time feat. Hollie Cook
06. Irie Up feat. Maad T-Ray & Gonzo
07. Till I
08. Down Bad Vibes feat. Suckarie
09. Fallen Kings
10. Wicked & Riled feat. Hempress Sativa
11. Tempest
12. Mellow Mood feat. The Elovaters
13. Breathe Easy feat. The Movement & Maad T-Ray
14. Nice Up feat. Kabaka Pyramid
15. Aya feat. Pat Boy
16. Ancient Blood feat. Eddie “Chiquis” Lozoya & Chucho Ponce
17. In Love feat. Natalia Doco

Despite having received awards and having produced four studio albums, one live album, and two EPs, the only music by Tribal Seeds, a reggae band originally from San Diego CA consisting of American and Mexican members, that we have had the pleasure of listening to is the Roots Party EP and their track Irie Up on the Ganjaville Riddim. This song is also included on their latest album, Ancient Blood. Being largely unfamiliar with Tribal Seeds, an introduction to the band is needed.

Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds was originally formed by two brothers, Steven Rene Jacobo and Tony-Ray Jacobo in 2005. Since then, the band has gone through several different members. Currently, the band consists of six individuals: Victor Navarro on bass, Ryan “Gonzo” Gonzales on guitar and vocals, Luis Castillo on keyboards and vocals, Danny Lopilato on keyboards and vocals, and Jamey “Zeb” Dekofsky on drums. In 2005, Tribal Seeds released their debut album, Youth Rebellion, on their own label. Three years later, they followed up with their self-titled second album. Their third album, The Harvest, was released in 2009, and in 2011, they released their first EP titled Soundwaves. In 2013, the band parted ways with guitarists Marc Muñoz, percussionist Tony Navarro, and bassist John Wegener. However, they welcomed E.N. Young into the band’s lineup. The following year, their fourth studio album, Representing, was released. With the departure of Carlos Verdugo and E.N. Young in 2016, another lineup change took place. A year later, they released their second EP titled Roots Party. In 2020, the band released their first live album called Tribal Seeds Live: The 2020 Sessions. Finally, nearly a decade after the release of Representing, Tribal Seeds released their fifth studio album.

Ancient Blood

After more than five years of hard work and preceded by a number of singles, such as Fallen Kings, Breathe Easy, Wicked & Riled, and Dusk Till Dawn, Tribal Seeds has finally released their brand new studio album. Titled Ancient Blood, this 17-track album showcases some eyecatching collaborations, especially with artists like Norman Grant (of the Twinkle Brothers), Romain Virgo, Kabaka Pyramid, Hempress Sativa, and Hollie Cook. The band effortlessly blends the timeless roots reggae sound with modern influences, resulting in an entertaining musical experience. Not only does the band’s instrumental talent shine throughout the album, also Steve I’s soul-stirring vocal on both solo and collaborative tracks captures the listener’s attention. Right from the start, the listener is captivated by one of the standout tracks on the album, the powerful Bondage. This modern roots song, featuring the acclaimed Norman Grant, delivers conscious lyrics and leaves a lasting impact. Another remarkable collaboration is the previously released militant single Wicked & Riled, featuring the talented roots singer Hempress Sativa. Unlike Bondage, this track may require multiple listens for the listener to truly appreciate its depth. The same can be said about the collaboration with Kabaka Pyramid in the song Nice Up. Additionally, the strong and consistent energy of Down With Bad Vibes, featuring Suckarie from New Kingston, sets a similar mood and vibe as the previous three tracks. Also included on the album are more lighthearted tracks such as One Time featuring Romain Virgo, Time To Time featuring Holly Cook, and the collaboration with Natalia Doco, In Love. However, it is not just the collaborations that make Ancient Blood a worthwhile project. Standalone songs like the ska-influenced Tokyo, Till, Fallen Kings, and Tempest showcase Tribal Seeds’ ability to shine independently.

This album is a must-listen for anyone craving soulful, thought-provoking music that transcends boundaries.



Wicked And Riled

Nice Up

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